happy valentine’s day

carmen & spades share an intimate moment, bogdan asks the nightingale for help, nero returns to his former self

spades: i pledge my darkness to you
carmen: ok

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holiday party

lia is engaged, there’s a snowball fight, joaquin rolls a 1 to have fun

clint: wait what did you say
jojo: rosalind?
clint: uhhhhhh
jojo: what do you know about rosalind?
ireth: did she sleep with BOTH of--
clint: it was ONE night
joaquin: *starts drinking heavily*

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why do our friends keep dying


felicity gives us a box, philip storms off, tanum dies again

[shad]: we go to the room & lock the door
[kayla]: we don't have a dead body this time, it's fine!
[kayla]: for once

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rite of passage


ireth turns into coins, havi & dahlia get trapped, jojo surfs on sand

[emily]: i have message!!! i can send it to someone i'm familiar with
[shad]: *gasps* we're friends!!!!!
[ben]: who would you like to send the message to?
[shad]: we're friends!!!!!
[emily]: joaquin

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dwarf/drow war


shad cries, jojo & ireth fight over an ax, tanum grows a tree

[kayla]: did he do anything but grow a tree and get us wet?
[emily]: THAT'S ALL HE DID
[emily]: if he had done it in the reverse order he could've at least helped the tree grow

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meekus markus the maritime mage


meekus dies, lia murders some trees, tanum wilds out

tanum: i wanted to be an adventurer like you, havi!
tanum: so i sold everything from the shop!! and here i am!!!
havi: you WHAT

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