levi cadmius

27 | 5’11” | he/him | tiefling/dhampir | warlock (undead)

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quick look

  • art student turned vampire
  • trying to shake a stalker
  • a little stupid

updated: 05/20/22


Levi uncomfortably exists in the space of needing to be noticed and never wanting anyone to look at him. Outwardly, he may look confident – but pull back the curtain, and Levi a ticking time bomb of frustration and anger waiting to blow.

Raised to not rely on others, Levi finds forming relationships very difficult. Just as he expects no help from others, he rarely extends his own to anyone else. something something here

If anything, becoming a dhampir has caused Levi to retreat further from those around him. His temper and fear of intimacy has only worsened since, something no one thought was possible.


If it was 2009, one might describe Levi as metrosexual – but it’s not, so I won’t. Appearance is very important to Levi, so he goes out of his way to keep himself clean and presentable, and his wardrobe stylish and expensive.

His hair is black, typically styled back, and he has notable sideburns. Glasses almost always sit atop his large nose, and his canines are abnormally sharp’ even for a tiefling. His skin is a pale blue, desaturated due to his state of undeath, and he has a light “English” accent.
















The importance of independence was drilled into his head from a very young age, so Levi struggled with forming relationships most of his childhood, as well as into his adult life.

  • BIRTHDAY: tbd
  • ALIGNMENT: tbd
  • VOICE: tbd
  • ZODIAC: tbd
  • Levi’s family name comes from “cadmium“, an element associated with very vivid (and very toxic) pigments. It is loved by many artists, even despite its health hazards.
  • Levi’s skin-tone used to be a much brighter blue, but his recent dhampirism left him desaturated.
  • Levi has two sharp canines, but one is slightly longer than the other, creating the occasional snaggletooth look. He does not know how to alter the presence of his fangs, or if it’s even possible.

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