nero phost (forfeit)

AGE | BIRTHDAY  25 ~ 50 | July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | antiromantic
BODY  5’6″ | eating worse | cannot die
black styled hair | sapphire streak | teeny brows | sapphire eyes
missing tooth | claw scar on chest | orange glasses | orange fanny pack

RACE  quarter-elf | repressing demon
CLASSES  wizard (illusion) | forfeit magic | warlock (Monty)
DEITY  His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
PROFESSION  xxx of His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
babysitter (Lee)
ALIGNMENT  lawful neutral

VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani 
ZODIAC  Cancer



auka phost-walsh

(compare to original Nero’s relationship)

frustrated at where his life was ending up, Nero grew more and more nervous to face his family. after their mom died, Nero never visited his dad again. but he still saw Auka for a few more years after that.

as Nero became more & more resentful, Auka grew both angry with his attitude & worried for her brother. she tried to convince him to keep searching for ways of helping his situation, but soon after he cut ties with her as well.

winter phost-walsh

auka & harvar’s daughter

: /

Nero was tasked with the thrilling job of babysitting Lee, child of Monty & Honestly, between the ages of Born and Forever because Lee should literally never be without someone supervising him

possessing some real strange powers, Lee was always hard to predict & hard to protect (from himself) but Nero somehow managed

he kept Lee busy by entertaining his bizarre requests & attempting to invent fun new toys like Heelys & fidget spinners

researching true love together

saving the world comes with a heavy price – Nero sacrificed his ability to feel love for anything, or anyone, ever again. in exchange, he was given extremely unique magical power that he isn’t even very good at using. he won’t tell you he regrets his decision, because that would be admitting he was wrong. (but he does.)

Nero spends his time working fo his new boss, doing odd jobs and inventing new magical items (Heelys); researching true love with his old friend Toivo in hopes of finding some way to reverse his sorry state, and babysitting the true love child of an angel and a demon.