nero phost (watertouched)

20 ~ 50 | 5’6″ | he/him | half-elf | turning into a demon
warlock (monty) | wizard (watertouched)

Saving the world comes with a heavy price – Nero sacrificed his ability to feel love for anything or anything ever again. In exchange, he was gifted extremely unique magical power that he isn’t even very good at using. He won’t tell you he regrets his decision, because that would involve admitting he was wrong. (But he does.)

Nero spends his time working for his boss; doing odd jobs, researching true love in hopes of finding some way to reverse his sorry state, and babysitting.

Thinking he had enough self-control to keep his (literal) inner-demon at bay, he turned down the offer of a contract renewal with his warlock patron. This did not go well. Soon after, he was crawling back, begging for his help and terrified of losing himself.


quick look
  • still has anxiety
  • still my punching bag
  • has depression now

updated: 04/20/21

nero timeline


  • very depressed
  • eating worse
  • cannot die



elliotnero would visit his ship sometimes, but cut contact after a while

toivotrue love research partner

julianvisited him at the castle sometimes

laurentoh my god he divorced his wife

more information

aukahad a baby with harvar!

IDENTITY: male | he/him | demisexual antiromantic
BIRTHDAY: July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
ZODIAC: Cancer
ALIGNMENT: lawful neutral
VOICE: LilyPichu as Sejuani
PROFESSION: Chastity of the 7 Virtues

  • His name (poorly) translates to “blackmail”
  • dark email


RACE  quarter-elf | repressing a demon
CLASSES  wizard (illusion) | warlock (Monty) | wizard (forfeit)
DEITY  His Mischievousness Montgomery Modestly
PROFESSIONS  right-hand man to His Mischievousness Montgomery Modestly | babysitter (of Lee)
ALIGNMENT  lawful neutral

VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani 
ZODIAC  Cancer