ireth turns into coins, havi & dahlia get trapped, jojo surfs on sand

[emily]: i have message!!! i can send it to someone i'm familiar with
[shad]: *gasps* we're friends!!!!!
[ben]: who would you like to send the message to?
[shad]: we're friends!!!!!
[emily]: joaquin

havi: *shuffles over to joaquin*
havi: hey so
havi: we should talk to jojo ... about his battle strategies?
havi: and how they don't work
havi: and by we i mean you

the group approaches a statue of a drow god. jamal knows beyond the door lies an entrance to the trials, a rite of passage for the drow. jamal is being played by jay tonight.

jamal: we gotta go through this, dude

there are two doors, both magically locked. havi determines the way to open them involves invoking aspects of the god. (wealth and power)

havi: *places a gold coin in the palm of one of the statue's hands*
caranthir: *goes up to the statue and starts doing push-ups*
caranthir: alright someone needs to punch someone else in the face
jojo: i can hit tanum!

jojo tries to move the statue around. no one knows why. havi reads jamal’s mind. jamal is kind of hungry? needs a nap. that’s a good-looking wolf

jojo tells havi to cast offensive magic on the staff in the statue’s other hand. he casts a fire spell, and the statue glows. the doors are unlocked!

dungeon time

another door in front of them is very large with a face carved into it. its mouth is a hole. dahlia has detected there is a magical trap on the door.

joaquin: is there anything living we can put through there
jojo: tanum do you wanna see what's through the door???
tanum: well i mean i really do but is it safe???
havi: it's not. there's a trap.
tanum: well, i know there's a trap, but we can't go back!
dahlia: wait, tanum, you know a lot about magic artifacts, right? can you tell us anything about this?
tanum: i know an awful lot about magical artifacts, but i am just out of my league here!!!

ireth gets bored and decides to just crawl through the mouth. as soon as she does, her body turns into a bunch of tiny gold coins. kayla hands ben her character sheet. shad cries

havi can sense her soul is still there, so she isn’t dead. tanum walks through the door (opening it, not crawling through the hole) and is just fine. he nudges at the ireth-coins. the group finds that putting ireth back through the mouth-hole turns her back to normal.

we approach quicksand. dahlia almost gets stuck. havi casts air walk on himself. joaqun ties a rope to dahlia, and havi attempts to lift her across the sand. everyone realizes havi could have cast his spell on someone strong, instead of himself.

havi and dahlia cross some of the quicksand. once they get across, dahlia runs off on her own. havi follows, but a wall slams down and traps them both. they are separated from the party.

[emily]: i have message!!! i can send it to someone i'm familiar with
[shad]: *gasps* we're friends!!!!!
[ben]: who would you like to send the message to?
[shad]: we're friends!!!!!
[emily]: joaquin

havi casts message, telling that joaquin him and dahlia are trapped. he can feel an eye-roll in response.

dahlia and havi can hear stone grinding together coming from the room in front of them. dahlia can see there are statues moving towards them, and they prepare for an encounter.

caranthir says he also has air walk. the larger group is able to make it over the quicksand to the wall.

dahlia: havi if we survive this, i'll never steal from you
havi: ... you've stolen from me???
dahlia: i didn't say AGAIN

roll for initiative!


jojo attempts to surf on the quicksand with his shield and faceplants. havi casts dispel magic on the door, but nothing happens. caranthir casts a lightning spell on the door, opening it. jojo is on magic fire? havi casts dispel magic on jojo.

jojo is trying to be cautious due to joaquin lecturing him about his battle strategies. joaquin nags him for this because we actually NEED HELP NOW

havi misses all of his physical attacks

they defeat the statues! and continue exploring the dungeon.

caranthir happens upon someone chained up in another room. it looks like lia. shad cries? havi is able to discern it’s actually a succubus, and urges the group along.

after arguing about whether or not to pursue further, the group exits the trials.