joaquin: you're trying to help the wedding and not sabotage it?
ireth: i could help with that!
[emily]: or you could kill him!

we arrive at quarmar. jojo seeks out the church of pelor to ask about the wedding. he finds out lia is there in the building and goes to find her. she asks him to help her find her “something old, new, borrowed, and blue” – also to check on the catering.

ireth chastises jojo for agreeing to help lia plan her wedding. havi leaves to sell his giant diamond, receiving 25 smaller diamonds worth around 500g each. ireth sells some things.

jojo and joaquin visit the caterer, a tree person named misty. she says she won’t have the order completed in time for the wedding because she won’t be able to collect the ingredients in time. jojo begrudgingly offers to help collect the mountain cane sugar that she needs.

we check into an inn.

joaquin: you're trying to help the wedding and not sabotage it?
ireth: i could help with that!
[emily]: or you could kill him!

havi gives philip back the book be borrowed from him. joaquin and havi go shopping again – they buy a box to keep all their diamonds in.

[emily]: we're bonding, this is how we bond
[emily]: here's some money

joaquin buys caranthir a +1 ac necklace. he wants to know who else is attending the wedding. we check out the other inn – the only name joaquin recognizes on the ledger is “clinto callowhat”, room 303. jojo wants to know what the groom is like and decides to go back to the church and ask the priest, who directs us to chad’s estate. havi casts message to joaquin.

havi: is he okay with all this?
joaquin: jojo?
havi: yeah
joaquin: no. it's just funny

we find out chad, lia’s fiancé, is like … SUPER rich, and kind of a dick.

we hunt down the ingredients. jojo attempts to talk to lia again, but he can’t find her anywhere.

skip to the wedding day. the group is heading to the church when tanum runs to catch up with us. 1:32:30

havi: yes? are you okay?

havi awkwardly asks tanum how he looks in his dress – he’s really self-conscious about it. tanum takes havi by the elbow and leads him away from the group.

tanum: i know it's probably really weird for you being is different body
tanum: and i've been trying to find a way to--
tanum: but. you do look really really nice
havi: okay ...
tanum: and i'm not just-- you look really nice

jojo goes to find lia. shad cries. jojo asks to talk to her privately.

jojo: OKAY SO. this is going to come across as extremely bad timing
jojo: and i've been trying to find you ALL WEEK and
jojo: it might come off as a little selfish BUT I FEEL LIKE it needs to be said before-- like i'm not trying to change your mind--
lia: what.
jojo: ah, it's just, i-- really, like you? and 
jojo: i'm just worried that you're going to get married and i'm going to lose you ah
jojo: because i thought you were dead this whole time and--
lia: do you have the things i asked you to get?
jojo: *hands them over* i'll, uh--
lia: get out 
jojo: yeah
jojo: sorry

it’s noon! wedding festivities are happening. jojo is drinking a lot, out in a hall somewhere. he’s sad.


joaquin: tanum – did you find anything out, when you were out in the city?

tanum: uhhhhhhh

havi: we’re at a wedding

joaquin: i don’t care!

tanum: i called in a favor?

tanum holds up a red gem.

tanum: but we shouldn’t use it … in the city … because it belonged to the groom

havi: TANUM

tanum: i got some help from my old boss

havi: who???

tanum: lia

havi: WHAT

havi takes the gem and puts it in his box. we decide not to use it right now because it’ll be suspicious.


tanum: *approaches joaquin*

tanum: *takes a long drink*

tanum: how are you doing.

joaquin: … i never realized how uncomfortable dresses were before?

tamum: right?

joaquin: yep


joaquin: are you okay?

tanum: yeah i’m fine!

joaquin: no you’re not.

tanum: totally fine!!!

joaquin: *takes tanum’s glass*

joaquin: it’s going to be long day – you don’t wanna embarrass yourself.

tanum: i mean, i can’t do that again

[jay]: tanum is so wasted and it’s not even noon

joaquin: … what happened?

tanum: tell ya what!! talk to me at about 2 or 3 o’clock and maybe i’ll be able to tell you!!!

joaquin: you and havi.

tamum: UHHHH what?

joaquin: yes?

tanum: WHAT

tanum: we had a thing

tanum: and it was, uh, well, we didn’t have a thing

i had a thing, and he didn’t

and then i kissed him

snd then we stopped talking

and then he left! and so i uhhhh ruined our friendship

so that’s me being the worst friend

joaquin: you didn’t ruin your friendship

tanum: oh i didn’t? fine o

clint bursts in and starts doing wedding things. he says a speech and then asks the bride to step forward. nothing happens. clint excuses himself.

joaquin asks jojo what’s happening. jojo explains their conversation earlier. clint asks joaquin where lia went – joaquin says she probably booked it. clint is heading back home – asks if he’ll see joaquin back at home in a few days.

clint makes an announcement that the wedding has been canceled.

caranthir: is the reception still on?

clint: well

clint: i didn’t pay for it

chad is distressed. we notice he is wearing a necklace that is missing a gem. havi keeps drinking. jojo goes for a walk out the back door. he finds lia, who is crying.

lia: hey

jojo: hey

lia: *leans her head onto his shoulder*

jojo: it’s okay

lia: you know, i’m really mad at you

lia: i was gonna make a lot of money!

lia: this chad, piece of shit, makes a whole lotta money

lia: *puts her arm around jojo*

lia: we can get money other places, right?

jojo: yeah, we can

lia: *pushes jojo so he’s facing her*

lia: you are an oaf

lia: and you are worse at expressing yourself than i am

lia: *kisses him*

lia: listen

lia: you know i’m not good at this.

lia: yeah, okay, we should be together

lia: i have my own stuff i need to deal with. but i want to deal with it … with you?

lia: come with me.

lia looks up to the roof and whistles. they see lindsay put away her rifle.

jojo agrees to go with lia, but wants to talk to the group first. she asks him to meet her by the fountain in an hour.

joaquin: you find her?

jojo: yeah uh. lia wants me to go with her


joaquin: you gonna go with her?

joko: i mean, yeah?

joaquin: i mean. if you want to, whatever

jojo: i think i mean because you guys have it covered, right? and we can meet up again somewhere else, where are you going after this?

joaquin: clint … that idiot, is here. he … wants me to go say hi to him

jojo: in litor?

joio gives joaquin a big hug.

tanum: jojo

tanum: can’t find lia

jojo tells tanum he’s going to run off with lia

tanum: that is the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard

you are going to make her so happy

tanum gifts jojo a ribbon, explaining it has a backstory and he should ask lia about it. jojo gives him a big hug.

jojo: you’re a really cool dude

tanum: you’re a really cool dude!!!

jojo: you need to talk to havi

jojo finds caranthir and ireth, saying he’s going “away” for a little while, but meet up with them in litor. he hugs them.

jojo finds havi at the bar.

jojo: havi i know we’re really good frirnds

havi: okay?

jojo: you’re a really good cleric and you’ve helped me a whole lot and you’re really important to the group and i hope that you guys continue to not die

havi: thanks?

jojo goes to leave, but joaquin stops him.

koaquin: jojo, you’re a really good friend

and im

i’m scared? but when we meet up again, i hope i can be as good of a person as you guys think i am

jojo: you’re already there

joko goes to the fountain, but no one is there. he feels a tap on his shoulder.

lia: are we gonna do this?

jojo: uh huh

[ben]: give me your character sheet

shad cries. A LOT

joaquin backhands havi.


jolo: look at me: you’re an asshole


joaquin: your friend has been talking to me about a lot of stuff i didn’t REALLY need to know, and you





philip: my first question is

have you had the cake

my second is why havent

joaquin goes outside 2:37:45

puts pants on and breaks the crystal. shad cries about cake. tanum notices havi is a boy again – he squeezes havi’s hand.

tanum: havi

tanum: can i give you a kiss

havi: i mean, if you want to …

[shad]: *hits emily*

havi: *kisses tanum on the cheek*

little swirls of light appear around tanum’s head