the masquerade

nero propositions a threesome, rico & riggs share a dance, nadira causes a commotion 

[emily]: Bela can probably find their way to Rose Night and approaches just as multiple strangers are attempting to shove things in his mouth
[ashley]: not the first time

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an elf walks in. he has a briefcase and a clipboard, and pulls out 3 contracts – one with monty’s name, one with bogdan’s, and one with all of our names. this is lovick, our lawyer. Continue reading “afterparty”

[crossroads] wind stone


reed is here, the group robs a bank, envy loses control

monty: nero?
envy: *apprehensive noise*
envy: sir, i told you i was taking a week off.
monty: that’s fine.
monty: we’re not in the office.
envy: *having a crisis*

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