tanum machault

5’5″ | he/him | human | wizard sorcerer

Tanum is excited about literally everything all of the time. His hair is a permanent mess, he’s pudgy and short and adorable and his eyebrows are gigantic. I love him

He was cursed as a kid so none of his magic came out right for a while. Lots of stuff got set on fire and he grew trees where trees should not be grown.

He once asked someone to remove his still-beating heart (not a metaphor) and has died numerous times.

But Havi is a cleric so it’s fine!


quick look
  • dangerously curious
  • can’t control his magic
  • a disaster

updated 12/20/21


extroverted, eager, charismatic / impulsive, naive, obnoxious


stout, hairy, hella freckle, hella brows

wears earthy colors, worn/old peasant clothing

Havi Miniti

Childhood friends, business parters, and eventual husbands – Havi and Tanum are a matching set. Short and tall, extraverted and introverted, hot and cold. While incredibly different in personality, the two have an interest in the dangerous and magical that make them click together perfectly.

For a large part of their friendship, Tanum could not control his sorcerer magic. This was a huge issue for Havi, having thought Tanum’s condition was his own fault and vowing to fix it. 

Eventually they opened an arcane item pawn shop together, a way to fuel their shared interest.

Also they got married! But only after 30 years of slow-burn. I know what I’m about okay

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Havi and Tanum’s adopted daughter. She came to them begging for food and shelter (very expertly) and eventually started living with them after they let her stay the night one too many times.

She’s off running her own make-up line / drug ring, but still makes time to come home and ask for money.

Arnam Kingstar

Childhood friend and eventual super-villain, these two got along so well mostly because of their similar interests in the forbidden.

running away with havi

Havi and Tanum moved out and decided to get their own place outside of central Litor. Together they lived their lives for a while, doing small jobs for money, Tanum had a garden so they could feed themselves, etc. It was nice, quaint, and they had fun. It was as fun as the first year of living with your best friend could be.

Eventually, after a few years of settling down, their little house in the middle of nowhere became a sort of hub for cool magic junk.

It started out as just a personal collection, but word started getting out within the community of things they had on-hand, services they could offer, etc. Havi was a cleric so could offer healing services and home remedies, and eventually their item collection and library grew so large they started running an actual pawn shop.

People would come in and trade cool stuff for other cool stuff. They got to see a lot of really unique things and make a lot of other people happy and spread knowledge.

(They also stole some of the items from people Havi believed didn’t deserve them.)

Many Things Happen

more information

  • BIRTHDAY: April 14 (Moment of Laughter Day)
  • ALIGNMENT: chaotic good
  • VOICE: Josh Gad
  • ZODIAC: Aries
  • IDENTITY: cis male, bisexual

PROFESSIONS  Owner of Machault Occult (magical item pawn shop)

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