havi miniti

old | 6’1″ | he/him | half-elf | cleric (knowledge) / wizard

You know the feeling of relief you get when the event you don’t really want to attend gets canceled and you’re allowed the unplanned luxury of spending the night in?

Havi has always carried the general disposition of a crotchety old man, has lost every physical contest with every child he’s engaged with, and does not want to be here right now. He’s extremely invested in unique magical practices (for purely selfish reasons) and enjoys collecting magical items (only to hoard and never use them).

He can typically be found at his arcane artifact shop and home, dabbling in the taboo and hoping he doesn’t actually get any customers.

quick look

  • magic item hoarder
  • astral-projecting introvert
  • do not perceive him

updated: 03/05/22


When it comes to people, Havi watches and waits unless it is absolutely necessary to interact. He’s incredible at reading a room – able to pick up on small details like body language and interpersonal drama – but doesn’t use these skills to help anyone except himself. If he senses someone in-need of a shoulder to cry on, Havi makes sure to be the furthest shoulder available.

Gaining new knowledge is his main goal in life, something which has become harder to do the older and wiser he has become. Because of this, Havi has deep interest in what most people may consider morally-questionable due to the unexplored nature of the taboo. Once he starts a project, Havi will see it through to the end – rarely stopping for breaks, shutting people out, and generally not taking care of himself.

He works best with those who are determined enough to break through his dismissive outer shell, as well as hold a similar fascination with the arcane. He enjoys brainstorming theories and is even more engaged if someone else’s way of thinking provides a perspective he hasn’t considered.


Havi is tall and thin, underweight due to not feeding himself often enough. He has long blond hair typically tied up in a high ponytail (the exact length varies) and danglies framing his face. He’s always wearing his enchanted circle glasses and has strong lower eyelashes.

His facial structure is long and soft, but sometimes can be drawn sharper for funsies. His nose is long and shallow. He has no notable wrinkles (despite his age) and takes fairly good care of his skin.

He dresses conservatively and wears gloves, not a fan of exposed skin or touching dirty things. I typically draw him in a simple, light blue button-up; but sometimes he likes to dress as a traditional wizard to appear more interesting to potential customers.

tanum machault

Childhood friends, business parters, and eventual husbands – Havi and Tanum are a matching set. Short and tall, extraverted and introverted, hot and cold. While incredibly different in personality, the two have an interest in the dangerous and magical that make them click together perfectly.

For a large part of their friendship, Tanum could not control his sorcerer magic. This was a huge issue for Havi, having thought Tanum’s condition was his own fault and vowing to fix it. 

Eventually they opened an arcane item pawn shop together, a way to fuel their shared interest.

Also they got married! But only after 30 years of slow-burn. I know what I’m about okay


Havi and Tanum’s adopted daughter. She came to them begging for food and shelter (very expertly) and eventually started living with them after they let her stay the night one too many times.

She’s off running her own make-up line / drug ring, but still makes time to come home and ask for money.

arnam kingstar

Childhood friend and eventual supervillain, these two got along so well mostly because of their similar interests in the forbidden.

While Arnam’s current whereabout are unknown, Havi seems to have very conflicting feelings about the fate of his old friend.

gutter calloway

Gutter infuriates Havi.

He’s smart. He’s crafty. He has a tremendous knack for magic. He wants to be a swordsman instead.

Gutter is a hyperactive ball of wasted potential and has the nerve to still be good at magic when using it specifically to bother Havi. He is also one of the few people able to consistently break into Havi’s shop, frequently popping in to steal items or just hang around.

joaquin calloway

Adventuring companion and dadfriend, Joaquin is too good of a person and is one of the few people capable of making Havi feel guilty. Unbeknownst to him, Joaquin often functions as Havi’s moral compass. Will Joaquin be upset if I do this?

… Will Joaquin kill me if do this?

jojo mckelly

Adventuring companion and dadfriend. The above also applies here, but Havi feels like he can get away with more when it comes to Jojo.

meril myles

Years of stealing magic items eventually earned Havi connections with certain groups – one being the local thieves’ guild. At one point he hired a thief to get certain item for him – Meril – and she showed interest in the items Havi requested she snag.

They dated briefly, and Meril eventually broke it off due to Havi being too boring for her.

just check out the link below tbh

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Havi is still running his magic item shop with Tanum, with occasional visits from Elodie. The two of them continue trading odds and ends, sometimes even popping in on other realities to sate their curiosity.

  • IDENTITY: cis male | bisexual
  • BIRTHDAY: January 18 (Thesaurus Day)
  • ZODIAC: Capricorn/Aquarius cusp
  • VOICE: David Hyde Pierce | Jonny Sims as John (demeanor)
  • DEITY: Boccob
  • PROFESSIONS: co-owner of Machault Occult
  • ALIGNMENT: neutral good | true neutral
  • APPEARS IN: QDND | FOUR | CROWNE | hs au rptwitter rp
  • Created in 2014

cleric upbringing

Havi is a cleric, but he only became a cleric because his parents wanted him to. By the time Havi realized he wasn’t super Into the whole thing, it was too late for a career change.

He was like that atheist kid whose parents are religious as hell so he still had to go to church and pretend like he gave a shit. This worked out fine, because the god he eventually chose to worship was Boccob – a god who literally does not give a fuck if you worship him or not, just so long as you are pursuing knowledge of magic and acquisition of cool magical items.

Currently, Havi has the bare minimum to worship his god: a shitty altar hidden in a closet under the stairs that he mumbles at every once in awhile.

running away with tanum

Havi and Tanum moved out and decided to get their own place outside of central Litor. Together they lived their lives for a while, doing small jobs for money, Tanum had a garden so they could feed themselves, etc. It was nice, quaint, and they had fun. It was as fun as the first year of living with your best friend could be.

Eventually, after a few years of settling down, their little house in the middle of nowhere became a sort of hub for cool magic junk.

It started out as just a personal collection, but word started getting out within the community of things they had on-hand, services they could offer, etc. Havi was a cleric so could offer healing services and home remedies, and eventually their item collection and library grew so large they started running an actual pawn shop.

People would come in and trade cool stuff for other cool stuff. They got to see a lot of really unique things and make a lot of other people happy and spread knowledge.

(They also stole some of the items from people Havi believed didn’t deserve them.)

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