date with arnam

areli asks joaquin’s sister, cameron, to inspect the contract he signed with the masked man.

cameron: if you sign this, you will be completely bound and subjugated to the will of whoever holds this piece of paper.
areli: can't that be like ... illegal. somehow

cameron explains areli is being paid VERY well compared to normal bard pay, but the situation leaves him vulnerable. she says there’s not a lot areli can do to break the contract. she calls joaquin out on understating their previous run-in with the dwarf cult. it apparently caused issues.

areli goes to find arnam to flirt with him and get more information. havi comes with to watch. the 3 approach his office. joaquin & havi notices arnam shuffling some papers around.

areli: so havi told me that your hair wasn't always white
arnam: that is true.
joaquin: areli wants to do that with his hair and wants to know how you did it to make it look so good :)
arnam: oh! it wasn't actually a choice.
arnam: i had a moment of intense emotional revelation when i went on a spiritual journey north.
arnam: it was jarring and a little traumatic for me, and my hair turned white as a result.

havi gets the feeling arnam is lying.

havi: could you maybe tell us that story?
havi: i've been wanting to catch up, anyway.
arnam: havi, i would love to catch up sometime.
havi: i figure we could get lunch or something?
arnam: that would be great.
havi: this is so weird
havi: i want to say it isn't, but it's really weird
arnam: *laughs* it is certainly strange seeing you after all these years.
arnam: you've grown.
arnam: how is ... tanum?
havi: he's ... tanum!
havi: ... we had a bit of a falling out? but we're fine now.
arnam: well that's good. so often those sorts of things can bring friends together.
havi: yeah. uh.
havi: let's go to lunch!
havi: what are you doing right now?
arnam: i'm--
havi: because actually i just realized we're going to head out soon and i don't know when i'll get to talk to you next ...
joaquin: it would mean a lot to him, since you guys are old friends.
arnam: well, alright, i suppose i could.
arnam: are your friends joining us? you're welcome to.

arnam tries to convince joaquin & areli to come with.  havi casts message on joaquin.

havi: i'm sorry i don't know what he's doing
joaquin: tell me to go do something else
havi: i mean if you don't want to go with ...
arnam: do you want just .... a private ...?
arnam: havi ... do you want to go out to lunch ... or do you want to order something in?
havi: out ... to lunch?

arnam shuts and locks the door to his office, and him & havi leave to have lunch. areli & joaquin try to get into his office.

havi & arnam are at a public open-air restaurant. arnam orders a salad.

arnam: so what did you want to talk about?
havi: OH i don't know, i just wanted to catch up - it's been how many years?
arnam: oh gosh, at least ten. what have you been up to?
arnam: i've only heard bits and pieces of the adventures you've all been on.
havi: ha ha ha ... those
havi: i mean ... prior to all that things were pretty ... normal. i mean, as normal as you can get with ... tanum around.
havi: we kept with our shop idea, brought that to life. a lot of people approached us looking for specific things and we had a pretty good collection going!
arnam: that's fantastic. and then you just ... decided that wasn't enough?
havi: UH. tanum, more or less, decided ... for me.
havi: he sold everything.
arnam: oh, so he just up and left?
havi: yeah! yup!! that's what he did!!!

havi ponders the fact that their house is definitely being rented out to someone right now.

arnam: so everything down on the lower plane? gosh, what happened there? i've only heard snippets.
havi: ... what did you hear?
arnam: i heard that a mysterious band of elves and men destroyed a large part of lower new chasm. and robbed a bank.
arnam: ... we DO have intelligence agents.
havi: ... it was for a very good reason.

havi realizes clint filed a report on us.

arnam: why was it?
havi: we ... needed ... to break a curse.
arnam: what was your curse?
havi: aside from ... tanum, we got a little wrapped up in someone's idea of a joke.
havi: ... i was turned into a woman
arnam: ..... so you broke into a bank?
arnam: ... and you couldn't just ... find a counterspell?
havi: no.
arnam: ... and so why did you need to break into a bank?
arnam: why didn't you go to the mage's college?
havi: we did, and were basically laughed at.
arnam: really. so this was a powerful enchantment?
havi: yeah, and i had done my research. that thing was not budging.

havi explains how the heal stones were able to fix their curses. arnam pulls out a necklace with a gem in it.

arnam: oh, you needed one of these?
havi: *balks*
havi: WE DID.
havi: we did. yeah. really badly we needed. about. three of those.
arnam: *laughs* well, you could have just come to me!
havi: I DIDN'T KNOW YOU-- i didn't know that was a h-- i didn't know that's what we were looking for--

areli goes to cameron to ask how they can get into arnam’s office.

areli: he's being really ... suspicious
cameron: what do you mean suspicious.
areli: every time i've asked him about the war he's seemed very avoidant
cameron: of course he is, he's a council member. why should he tell you anything?

areli returns to outside arnam’s office with joaquin.

arnam: so, how are the clerical arts going?
havi: i've been studying less of my religious teachings and more ... personal magic.
arnam: really?
havi: yeah, i've been opening my eyes to--
arnam: some of the less traditional forms?
havi: yeah!
arnam: like what?
havi: mostly wizard magic.
arnam: ... alright.
arnam: i just didn't know if you meant ... less traditional as in less religious, or less traditional as in ... extra-planar summoning or ... necromancy.
havi: NOOO ... not dabbling in any of that, no. not-- no.
arnam: no? probably for the best.
havi: yeah ... i mean. it's definitely interesting to me.
arnam: really?
havi: from an academic perspective. not so much--
arnam: oh.

arnam looks disappointed.

havi: why, have ... you? looked into ... that kind of magic? read up on it? as well?
arnam: no, i mean ... it's exotic, sure. i've heard stories about it like anyone has.
arnam: my time has been spent studying the works of my god.
havi: can you elaborate on those studies? what made you take such a drastic turn?
havi: because i remember you being quite the ... different ... little rascal.
[shad]: you mean ASSHOLE

arnam begins speaking in a hushed tone.

arnam: well ... i'll tell you. i went on a journey north because i felt like my life here lacked adventure and purpose.
arnam: i wanted to see something amazing and had always heard the mountains and dragons there are incredible.
havi: ... did you encounter a dragon?
arnam: i did. and ... there was a bright light that protected me. the voice that issued from the light was arifar. i never saw their face. i never witnessed their form, but i could feel the energy coming from them.
arnam: and it was an experience unlike anything else. it was comforting, it was warm.
arnam: i just want to be able to give that same sense of safety to all of my people.

havi is … unconvinced. he can sense that’s not what happened, but it’s hard to tell where he’s lying. arnam probably did see a dragon and it spooked him a little. their date ends and they part ways.

areli realizes if he can see inside the room, he can cast mage hand inside the room. he goes outside to the window outside arnam’s office. areli tries to be casual about it and casts mage hand inside the room. he moves the hand to grab the papers that were on arnam’s desk and pushes them underneath the door to joaquin.

the papers are mostly administrative reports, but at the bottom of the stacks areli finds manuscripts to spells joaquin doesn’t recognize. he works to quickly copy the spells onto his own paper. he slides the papers back under and areli puts the papers back on the desk.

arnam returns to his office. he greets joaquin, unlocks his door and steps inside. he briefly makes eye contact with areli outside the window. areli’s freezes. joaquin and arnam exchange some words, and joaquin leaves.

joaquin bumps into curtis on the way out of a council meeting. he asks him if he’s free. joaquin wants to talk about many things. he has a list.

he wants to know more about curtis. curtis was born in litor, but had many friends in quarmar. curtis reveals he wasn’t a mercenary, but he led other mercenaries. he claims to be a brilliant tactician, but didn’t always have a noble purpose. joaquin talks about how sad he is.

they talk about tactical military shit. our plan so far is to take out the bridge linking litor & quarmar.  joaquin talks about how sad he is.

curtis says he hasn’t felt useful to the group yet and he’s glad joaquin talked to him.

havi returns to wherever they're staying. he's sitting cross legged flipping through the book havi gave him.
tanum: hey havi!
havi: so NOW you're reading the book
tanum: it's SO good
havi: how's your training going?
tanum: it's going so well ... it just feels good to, you know, be able to cast magic and--
tanum: i mean, i'm learning but SOMETIMES the right spell comes out, but i'm getting BETTER-- it just feels so satisfying to see progress, i haven't-- i haven't--
tanum: it's been YEARS havi, since i've ... been able to do anything right!!!!! *laughs*

havi has realized over time that tanum was never really good at being a wizard. he is confused about, if tanum had always been a sorcerer and not a wizard, what the mysterious wizard cast on him all those years ago. (if it wasn’t a curse). he seems to remember his name was nicodemus, so he makes a note to look into that.

we can infer nicodemus not only “cursed” tanum, but may have been responsible for our cursed rings.

havi: unrelated:
tanum: yeah?
havi: i never did get the story of how you ended up in cahoots with lia and ... that ... gang
tanum: WELL.
havi: so i think that would make for a great story!
tanum: HMM.

havi pulls up a chair, sits down, and crosses his legs. tanum closes his book. the birds near him fly away.

tanum: well, i was really broke. and i was in windfast, and i was gonna sell off the last couple things i had with me that were magic and had value.
tanum: and i was talking to a fence and they were veeery curious if i could get more items like that, and i told them that i could probably find some, and they gave me a really good price, so i took it upon myself to get a couple more things from the mage's college--
havi: "get"?
tanum: yes.
havi: i'm not judging!!!
tanum: i was gonna say ...
havi: go on.
havi: *laughs* i'm not judging you!
tanum: i know about the special shelf on your collection!!!
havi: i HAD a special shelf--
tanum: it's still there!

havi can infer tanum didn’t sell EVERYTHING – he just took what he needed to make his way.

havi: i thought-- i mean, you made it sound like you got rid of everything.
tanum: well i ... got rid of a LOT of stuff ...
tanum: but not everything!
tanum: the stuff that matters is still there.
tanum: anyway, i came back with more magic stuff, and he put me in touch with this girl who ended up being, kind of, my go-to person, and we started talking to some of the dwarves, and then she and i both got in WAY over our heads way quicker than we wanted to, and then ... one thing after another you're getting your heart carved out in front of a wizard who's painting all sorts of symbols on it ...
tanum: and yeah, it just all went downhill from there!
havi: clearly
havi: i feel like.
havi: i feel like once you get to the heart part of this? something would've clicked, like, maybe i shouldn't, maybe i should get out of here--
tanum: i mean yeah, but
tanum: havi, like you always told me, hindsight is 20/20.
havi: ... you're off-limits now, right? they don't have-- you're good?
tanum: i am clean
havi: well GOOD because i don't want to have to deal with that again

the room gets a little dark. havi gives tanum a side hug. tanum tickles him. havi kicks back.

havi: when this is all done ... maybe we could ... check the place out again?
tanum: yeah!
havi: people are there right now, right?
tanum: mhm! it's being rented out - being taken care of.

they talk about how tanum left the house to a manager so he doesn’t know who is currently living in their home.

joaquin tried to decipher the notes he stole from arnam’s office. he brings them to havi & he learns they are papers for imbuing a spell of soul-sealing into a sword.

havi: where did you get this?
joaquin: off arnam's desk.
areli: yeah, while you guys were out on your little date.
havi: it wasn't a date
joaquin: it was kind of a date.
areli: it was a date
havi: regardless--
tanum: *from upstairs* WHAT
areli: it was totally a date

something upstairs fall onto the floor, we hear shuffling, and tanum runs in. joaquin approaches tanum and slings an arm around him.

joaquin: so arnam might be a bad guy and havi helped us figure that out today.
havi: it wasn't a date
joaquin: it was a big self-sacrifice.

weapons cache

ireth approaches the striker teams and asks to spar with shadrack.

ireth: my name is ireth, i’m with mcquinston’s party. we wanted to know what you could do

shadrack: … who?

ireth: ireth.

shadrack: … you’re with who?


ireth shoots two arrows at shadrack’s stomach, but they stick like arrows into a tree. he extends his hand and a bone grows quickly out of his wrist and he breaks it off. he slashes at ireth with it.

they keep sparring. shadrack bear hugs ireth and uses the same bone-growing attack, but into her body. she rolls a 1 to free herself. he tries to supplex her but fails. ireth wins.

caranthir challenges meishack to hit a target far away. meishack levitates the target towards him and fist pumps it. caranthir casts darkness. the darkness lifts to reveal caranthir, as a wolf, peeing on the target.

ireth suggests areli spars next. areli doesn’t want to, and suggests havi spar instead. havi does NOT want to.

shadrack tells joaquin the group should not use any of the doors on the ground floor. says abendigo has good intuition.

joaquin asks all 3 of the brothers out for dinner???

[shad]: i don’t trust them

[ashley]: you trust lia. always


[shad]: shut up

joaquin invites everyone else to the dinner. ireth and havi go to the library. ireth is looking for books about eastern elf tribes. she finds some about the magic of her tribes and briefly mentions the tattoos, but nothing else. she wants to steal them, but havi reminds her he has his magikindle. (a device you can scan books into and read later)

havi realizes he has a book in his kindle that might be relevant to ireth’s interests. she sits and reads it. havi stops by the bank to withdraw some money – there’s a lot less than he was anticipating. they return to wherever they’re staying.

[kayla]: that was fast!

[kayla]: i was probably navigating

havi asks tanum what he did with the money in their savings account.

tanum: hi!

tanum: what’s up!!

havi: remember when you … did the whole thing where you

tanum: the whole thing where iiiiiii

havi: sold all of our stuff?


tanum: yeah?

havi: yeah uh, i’m just wondering … did you put the money into your bank account?

tanum: yup! do you need some? i mean we should probably do that while we’re here …

ireth: you guys don’t SHARE a bank account?

tanum: we don’t – why would we share a bank account?? it’s not! like!! we’re MARRIED or anything!!!

ireth: i mean, close enough

tanum: what’s THAT supposed to mean

havi: ANYWAY

tanum: what do you mean!!!

ireth: we’ll talk about this later

tanum: wait WHAT

ireth leaves the room to go talk to philip.

havi: anyway i’m here to grab you for dinner


havi: EVERYBODY’S having dinner

tanum: okay …

a little later, ireth whispers to havi.

ireth: are you sure he’s not going to embarrass you?

havi: *message* what do you mean?


ireth: what

tanum: i know i’m not really great at magic but i can still tell when people are talking about me!!!

areli tries to reconcile with shadrack. he’s having none of it. areli casts command oh him to be nicer and stop making him look bad in front of his brothers. shadrack sits down and pulls up a chair for areli to sit down.

areli has a conversation with abendigo in which abendigo warns areli not to go near water. he goes to talk to joaquin.

areli: what’s that kid’s deal

ireth: i think he predicts the future

ireth: i remember a comment on people’s deaths

ireth: something about how it’s not fun knowing when people die

ireth: okay so we’re not gonna go near water

areli notices abendigo giggling in the corner. he storms back over. meishack steps between them and distracts areli by asking him to play a song.

havi: *message* let’s judge people together

after chitchatting in an awkward circle, they all get ready for their mission. areli wants to bring his horse. we say no because it’s a stealth mission.

[ben]: sans horse–

[shad]: who?

havi hands tanum a book before leaving. 1:13:55

tanum: what is this

havi: you should read up while i’m gone.

tanum: hhhhhhhhhhhh




tanum: alright i’ll read it. for you

havi kisses tanum on the cheek again. there’s a single sparkle.

they head to the weapons cache. they can see someone on top of the building, patrolling. caranthir can tell there are enchantments on the building. he casts air walk and walks up to the second floor.

[emily]: can you unwolf just a hand

[emily]: can you be a wolf with people hands

havi attempts to combine the message and the command spell, the first time he’s played with spells in this way in combat.

everyone climbs up onto the building. the group sneakily incapacitates everyone.

here’s arnam!

the group has breakfast. the masked figure and philip are outside in the yard chatting.

areli tries to ask the masked figure not to command him like he did the other day. areli is commanded to leave. he angrily goes to play with his dog, silver. caranthir turns into a wolf and joins them.

caranthir: HEY PUP HOW’S IT GOIN

silver: WOOF

areli tries to shoo caranthir away. caranthir licks areli. areli tries to smack him but rolls so bad he takes 7 dmg.

havi runs upstairs to tanum. he’s asleep. havi slams the door. he still doesn’t wake up.

havi: TANUM

tanum: WHAH

havi: where the hell is your BOOK

tanum: what book

havi: your SPELL book

tanum: uhhhh i don’t remember why

habi: did you LOSE it

tanum: it’s so early

havi: it is 10 AM

tanum: you’re an ELF YOU SLEEP LESS THAN ME

havi: you lost your spellbook???

tanum: i mean. i haven’t seen it in a while

havi: do you think maybe that’s why your spells aren’t working? because you aren’t using your spellbook???

tanum: no

tanum: because i HAD one for a long time and there. it. there was no change

havi: are you sure?

tanum: yes

havi: okay


havi: wake up *leaves*

everyone visits the striker teams as they spar.

meet the calloways

everyone wakes up the next morning. to galloping hooves. havi & tanum are in the same bed. philip runs to the window and shouts for everyone to get up.

hoaquin runs downstairs and finds philip with one arm around meekus, and two other men joaquin has never seen before. one man is an elegant & groomed elf. the other is wearing all black, with a black hood, and a face mask.

meekus: joaquin! i’m glad the group has stayed together

meekus: there are a couple things i need to talk to you about

meekus: unfortunately i need to get going, but this man is philip’s right and true mentor, and i need you to make sure the two of them have time to train every day.

meekus: and this is his private bard.

meekus motions to areli. (shad’s new character!)

meekus goes inside to find the other. he approaches tanum.

meekus: you’ve never been a mage

meekus: and you’re never going to be.

and he leaves. havi notices that it pained meekus to say that. but he also knows that it’s true. havi runs after him.

havi: meekus?

meekus: yeah?

havi: what was that.

meekus: that was the truth.

havi: you can’t just … crush his hopes like that

meekus: *takes havi’s hand* if it was up to me, that was not how it would have been done

meekus: but i had my orders

and he leaves again. joaquin sees meekus walk back to the stables, hop onto a deer, and gallop off.

the dark figure gives areli a list of songs to play every day and never speaks to him.

philip is charmed that he got to see meekus again. havi goes to console tanum. he’s sitting on the top bunk bed curled around his own legs. havi climbs up and puts his hand around his shoulder. tanum starts to cry. havi doesn’t know what to do. tanum cries more, but he’s leaning into havi’s presence.

havi: hey it’s okay, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

tanum: it’s not okay!!!

tanum: i just got! a spirit! a god! told me! that i’m not, that my dream, is never gonna happen!

havi: that’s not quite what he said

tanum: he said he

havi: he’s a god, maybe he was being cryptic!!!

tanum: did he SOUND like he was giving a riddle???

havi: not really

tanum: *grumpily* i’m gonna go make breakfast

havi: do you want me to help you

tanum: no.

havi: i’m gonna help you.

tanum: fine

havi & tanum try to make breakfast, but tanum keeps getting really frustrated at the eggs and runs off. havi follows him and they take a walk together.

eventually they all sit down for breakfast. philip asks joaquin what they should do next.

areli: what’s his deal

philip: joaquin? what do you mean

areli: he just takes a while to warm up! you two will get along

philip tells areli he likes music about magic and mages and that he should play a song. areli does.

tanum and havi come back. tanum is curious who the masked figure is. philip explains its his new mentor that meekus dropped off, and this is his personal bard. havi laughs.

joaquin gets back. he looks at the situation he doesn’t want to engage in and goes upstairs.

tanum: so havi

tanum: it’s— never mind

havi: what?

tanum: don’t, no— i’m brooding

havi: if you want to talk we can talk.

tanum: no, it’s just— meekus shows up and tells me i’m not a mage and then drops off philip’s mage mentor

havi: we don’t know anything about him, it was probably a coincidence that … he dropped off … another mage?


havi: we could go search for another one of those stones. two down, one to go?

tanum: i mean, that’s a way of looking at it … but we don’t even know if it’ll help

habi: we didn’t know if it was gonna help before? with the other issues? and it did!

tanum: he said i would NEVER BE A MAGE

tanum stands up and slams his hands on the table before running off. havi notices charred handprints on the table.

areli asks havi what the hell just happened.

areli: what is GOING on.

havi: he’s having a bit of a tantrum.

joaquin asks philip what he wants to do next. he says he has to train with his new mentor. joaquin brings up that clint wants him to visit home, but he’s unsure if he wants to go or if anyone else would want to come with. philip says he would want to come with! if it’s okay.

joaquin: i’d be the problem here


philip: i have a silent magic mentor

philip asks the others if they want to go to litor. they say sure?

havi finds tanum again. he’s sitting in the room by the window. havi leans against the doorframe. 40:00

havi: you’re probably going to have to cough up a few coins to the owners of the inn

tanum: no it’s fine i’ve been working as their cook.

havi: because you burnt their table.

tanum: what? no, all the pans that i used i left in the kitchen

havi walks up to tanum and grabs his hands.

havi: you burnt the table when you hit it.

tanum: that doesn’t make any sense

havi: you got ALL angry at me and you burnt the table.

havi: you’ve GOT magic in you

havi: it’s THERE we’ve just got to figure out how to harness it

tanum: OKAY SO MAYBE I HAVE! magic! that doesn’t mean i can use it!

havi: you just did!

tanum: havi … we both know that we have magic; i might have more magic than you

thst doesn’t change the fact that you’re always gonna be … the useful one

tanum: because you can use it

tanum: i just hope

tanum: i just hope that this doesn’t change things? between us?

havi: not for the worst, no

tanum: thanks

havi kisses tanum on the cheek again – there are no sparkles this time.

areli plays music downstairs.

[ben]: you have to admit, he plays some mean chords

[shad]: corns?????

[everyone]: *cries about the word corns for like a minute*

ireth finally comes downstairs. she asks joaquin who the masked figure is. philip asks joaquin what areli’s name is. he’s been talking with him the whole time and never learned his name.

philip: i forgot his name

ireth: if it makes you feel better, i never learned his name so i could just ask for you

philip: i thought you were gonna say that you never learned my name

philip: and i was going to say that was rude because you were in my body

ireth greets areli. she questions how the hooded figure is going to train philip if he doesn’t speak.

ireth & areli have an arm wrestling fight in the middle of the inn??? areli rolls a -1 strength check.

the group heads to litor. philip has been training with the figure. it’s been stressing him out, but he says it’s what he needs to do. joaquin asks if the hooded figure is going to kill us in our sleep. philip says no.

its cold out. ireth considers buying a coat.

as they approach the city, the marble walls and gates split up the horizon. joaquin’s hair is blond from caranthir’s ring.

ireth buys a cloak with a bear head on it. joaquin approaches havi.

joaquin: did you want to stop at your home? visit your family?

havi: oh! no, no that’s fine

joaquin: hhgh

havi: we’re here for you

joaquin: hhhrrrrrrgh

someome shouts halt! a group of people on horseback canter to a stop. joaquin hides. a young woman hops off her horse. she walks up to the group

???: i saw a young man and i thought i recognized him

???: so any of you know a young man named cassidy calloway

similan: i’m her friend similan!

similan says if we run into someone named cassidy, we should tell him asks is the daughter in the highest class district of the city.


areli is snippy towards tanum, who smacks areli’s horse and causes it to run away. joaquin is generally stressed out.

joaquin; how much do you guys know about the government here

ireth: nothing

joaquin: you guys know clint, he’s important. he’s my brother. so

joaquin: my family is … important, i guess

ireth: how important?

joaquin takes his hair color-changing ring.

joaquin: there are twelve families that rule the government in litor … my family is one of them

ireth: why did you leave???

joaquin: i did something i have regretted every day since leaving

tanum: WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE! does your family still want you back?

joaquin: i don’t know

havi: if you don’t wanna— we don’t have to talk about it

ireth: i want to talk about it

joaquin: a guy had a gun pointed at my father – i tried to stop him, and he fell off the wall he was standing on and died.

joaquin: i left— they were dressed like a guard, i didn’t have a chance to explain it, so i left

tanum: so it looks like you killed a guard and then vamoosed!

areli returns on horseback. he holds his hand out for tanum to give his belt back.

tanum asks joaquin what he wants to do! if he wants to tell them he’s back one by one or all at once. tanum asks if joaquin knows they’re all still alive. it’s super ominous.

ireth: dont. joke about that.

tanum: i wasn’t JOKING

ireth: you don’t even understand what that feels like.

tanum: are you saying i don’t understand life or death?

tanum: i have LITERALLY died, TWICE

havi notices tanum is feeling pretty irked.

they reach the calloway estate. it’s near a bakery.

cameron stops and looks at joaquin.

cameron: someone save me i’m SWOONING~

cameron: my BROTHER’S HOME~




cameron: *suddenly looks serious* where have you been.

joaquin: i’m sorry.

cameron: i’m glad you’re back. but you ARE gonna have to talk to mom.

cameron: she’s in the study. dad is out on a patrol, he’ll be back pretty soon

cameron: do you want me to come with?

cameron: cuz i’m not gonna!!!

joaquin approaches the study to confront his mom. she’s working st her desk and feeezes when she sees him

caterina: what are you waiting—


caterina: *walks around her desk and hugs him*

joaquin: *crying*

caterina: are you staying?


cameron: do you know?


caterina: how many times have i told you to at least give an answer one way or another.

caterina: it’s ok if you don’t know, but don’t give me this “ah, uh, um”

caterina: you’re a leader, cassidy.

she says we’re welcome to stay with them. ireth gives joaquin a hug. he goes to visit his dad.

calhoun is outside at the stable. he sees joaquin, unstraps his armor, leans into the stable, and he tosses joaquin a wooden practice sword.

calhoun: en guard!

joaquin tears up. calhoun waits. they spar for a bit.

eventuallt they all have dinner

calhoun asks if the group has had to hold their own in a fight. we’re confidently say yes. calhoun asks if we have any stories to tell. ireth says he killed a demi-god. areli is also shocked.

calhoun explains they’ve been looking for a group not affiliated with litor to carry out some missions. but before that, there’s an important council meeting that night that calhoun wants joaquin to attend. he agrees.

we find out they’re voting tonight on whether or not litor goes to war with quarmar.

at the council meeting, the 12 families vote on whether or not to go to war. havi notices arnam, a childhood friend of his, is representing one of the voting families and votes to go to war.

after the meeting, calhoun explains they’ve been experimenting with sending out small groups of highly trained individuals to complete tasks. joaquin says he willing to help in any way he can.

calhoun has hand-picked people we can utelie if we need their special skills.

shadrack: oldest brother, psychometabolism psionic discipline – can use his energy to augment his body – protective toward his younger brothers, tries to stay distant from others

meishack: middle brother, psychoportation psionic discipline

abendigo, youngest – clairsentience psionic, can see the future but it’s not cut and dry. quiet and not good at talking to people because he often times gets visions of when and how they will die.

paulette sanderfoot – 19, smart, explosions expert. her ship was attacked by pirates once.

curtis sarko – swordsman, duelist expert.

our first mission is to locate a quarmar weapons cache and ensure none of them are fit for combat.

areli asks the masked figure if he has to help out with the war. he suddenly sits down.

havi: are we going … to do … it

ireth: have sex???

tanum: 2:21:00

joaquin goes to talk to clint, who’s outside wailing on a practice dummy with a sword. they talk about how clint was drafted into the silver hand, a military group with unique skillsets that are sent out on missions.

joaquin: so how’d you know meekus

clint: i met him … years ago

clint leads joaquin up to the roof and tells him the story of what happened to him in qdndos (will link to later). joaquin is emo.

havi mentions meeting arnam to tanum (quote later)


we arrive at quarmar. jojo seeks out the church of pelor to ask about the wedding. he finds out lia is there in the building and goes to find her. she asks him to help her find her “something old, new, borrowed, and blue” – also to check on the catering.

ireth chastises jojo for agreeing to help lia plan her wedding. havi leaves to sell his giant diamond, receiving 25 smaller diamonds worth around 500g each. ireth sells some things.

jojo and joaquin visit the caterer, a tree person named misty. she says she won’t have the order completed in time for the wedding because she won’t be able to collect the ingredients in time. jojo begrudgingly offers to help collect the mountain cane sugar that she needs.

we check into an inn.

joaquin: you're trying to help the wedding and not sabotage it?
ireth: i could help with that!
[emily]: or you could kill him!

havi gives philip back the book be borrowed from him. joaquin and havi go shopping again – they buy a box to keep all their diamonds in.

[emily]: we're bonding, this is how we bond
[emily]: here's some money

joaquin buys caranthir a +1 ac necklace. he wants to know who else is attending the wedding. we check out the other inn – the only name joaquin recognizes on the ledger is “clinto callowhat”, room 303. jojo wants to know what the groom is like and decides to go back to the church and ask the priest, who directs us to chad’s estate. havi casts message to joaquin.

havi: is he okay with all this?
joaquin: jojo?
havi: yeah
joaquin: no. it's just funny

we find out chad, lia’s fiancé, is like … SUPER rich, and kind of a dick.

we hunt down the ingredients. jojo attempts to talk to lia again, but he can’t find her anywhere.

skip to the wedding day. the group is heading to the church when tanum runs to catch up with us. 1:32:30

havi: yes? are you okay?

havi awkwardly asks tanum how he looks in his dress – he’s really self-conscious about it. tanum takes havi by the elbow and leads him away from the group.

tanum: i know it's probably really weird for you being is different body
tanum: and i've been trying to find a way to--
tanum: but. you do look really really nice
havi: okay ...
tanum: and i'm not just-- you look really nice

jojo goes to find lia. shad cries. jojo asks to talk to her privately.

jojo: OKAY SO. this is going to come across as extremely bad timing
jojo: and i've been trying to find you ALL WEEK and
jojo: it might come off as a little selfish BUT I FEEL LIKE it needs to be said before-- like i'm not trying to change your mind--
lia: what.
jojo: ah, it's just, i-- really, like you? and 
jojo: i'm just worried that you're going to get married and i'm going to lose you ah
jojo: because i thought you were dead this whole time and--
lia: do you have the things i asked you to get?
jojo: *hands them over* i'll, uh--
lia: get out 
jojo: yeah
jojo: sorry

it’s noon! wedding festivities are happening. jojo is drinking a lot, out in a hall somewhere. he’s sad.


joaquin: tanum – did you find anything out, when you were out in the city?

tanum: uhhhhhhh

havi: we’re at a wedding

joaquin: i don’t care!

tanum: i called in a favor?

tanum holds up a red gem.

tanum: but we shouldn’t use it … in the city … because it belonged to the groom

havi: TANUM

tanum: i got some help from my old boss

havi: who???

tanum: lia

havi: WHAT

havi takes the gem and puts it in his box. we decide not to use it right now because it’ll be suspicious.


tanum: *approaches joaquin*

tanum: *takes a long drink*

tanum: how are you doing.

joaquin: … i never realized how uncomfortable dresses were before?

tamum: right?

joaquin: yep


joaquin: are you okay?

tanum: yeah i’m fine!

joaquin: no you’re not.

tanum: totally fine!!!

joaquin: *takes tanum’s glass*

joaquin: it’s going to be long day – you don’t wanna embarrass yourself.

tanum: i mean, i can’t do that again

[jay]: tanum is so wasted and it’s not even noon

joaquin: … what happened?

tanum: tell ya what!! talk to me at about 2 or 3 o’clock and maybe i’ll be able to tell you!!!

joaquin: you and havi.

tamum: UHHHH what?

joaquin: yes?

tanum: WHAT

tanum: we had a thing

tanum: and it was, uh, well, we didn’t have a thing

i had a thing, and he didn’t

and then i kissed him

snd then we stopped talking

and then he left! and so i uhhhh ruined our friendship

so that’s me being the worst friend

joaquin: you didn’t ruin your friendship

tanum: oh i didn’t? fine o

clint bursts in and starts doing wedding things. he says a speech and then asks the bride to step forward. nothing happens. clint excuses himself.

joaquin asks jojo what’s happening. jojo explains their conversation earlier. clint asks joaquin where lia went – joaquin says she probably booked it. clint is heading back home – asks if he’ll see joaquin back at home in a few days.

clint makes an announcement that the wedding has been canceled.

caranthir: is the reception still on?

clint: well

clint: i didn’t pay for it

chad is distressed. we notice he is wearing a necklace that is missing a gem. havi keeps drinking. jojo goes for a walk out the back door. he finds lia, who is crying.

lia: hey

jojo: hey

lia: *leans her head onto his shoulder*

jojo: it’s okay

lia: you know, i’m really mad at you

lia: i was gonna make a lot of money!

lia: this chad, piece of shit, makes a whole lotta money

lia: *puts her arm around jojo*

lia: we can get money other places, right?

jojo: yeah, we can

lia: *pushes jojo so he’s facing her*

lia: you are an oaf

lia: and you are worse at expressing yourself than i am

lia: *kisses him*

lia: listen

lia: you know i’m not good at this.

lia: yeah, okay, we should be together

lia: i have my own stuff i need to deal with. but i want to deal with it … with you?

lia: come with me.

lia looks up to the roof and whistles. they see lindsay put away her rifle.

jojo agrees to go with lia, but wants to talk to the group first. she asks him to meet her by the fountain in an hour.

joaquin: you find her?

jojo: yeah uh. lia wants me to go with her


joaquin: you gonna go with her?

joko: i mean, yeah?

joaquin: i mean. if you want to, whatever

jojo: i think i mean because you guys have it covered, right? and we can meet up again somewhere else, where are you going after this?

joaquin: clint … that idiot, is here. he … wants me to go say hi to him

jojo: in litor?

joio gives joaquin a big hug.

tanum: jojo

tanum: can’t find lia

jojo tells tanum he’s going to run off with lia

tanum: that is the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard

you are going to make her so happy

tanum gifts jojo a ribbon, explaining it has a backstory and he should ask lia about it. jojo gives him a big hug.

jojo: you’re a really cool dude

tanum: you’re a really cool dude!!!

jojo: you need to talk to havi

jojo finds caranthir and ireth, saying he’s going “away” for a little while, but meet up with them in litor. he hugs them.

jojo finds havi at the bar.

jojo: havi i know we’re really good frirnds

havi: okay?

jojo: you’re a really good cleric and you’ve helped me a whole lot and you’re really important to the group and i hope that you guys continue to not die

havi: thanks?

jojo goes to leave, but joaquin stops him.

koaquin: jojo, you’re a really good friend

and im

i’m scared? but when we meet up again, i hope i can be as good of a person as you guys think i am

jojo: you’re already there

joko goes to the fountain, but no one is there. he feels a tap on his shoulder.

lia: are we gonna do this?

jojo: uh huh

[ben]: give me your character sheet

shad cries. A LOT

joaquin backhands havi.


jolo: look at me: you’re an asshole


joaquin: your friend has been talking to me about a lot of stuff i didn’t REALLY need to know, and you





philip: my first question is

have you had the cake

my second is why havent

joaquin goes outside 2:37:45

puts pants on and breaks the crystal. shad cries about cake. tanum notices havi is a boy again – he squeezes havi’s hand.

tanum: havi

tanum: can i give you a kiss

havi: i mean, if you want to …

[shad]: *hits emily*

havi: *kisses tanum on the cheek*

little swirls of light appear around tanum’s head

haircuts & dresses

joaquin reads up on current events. litor and quarmar tensions are very high. council meetings have been more frequent.

joaquin speaks with the archmage, explaining what we know so far. he explains how they met the cult of sorrows, but joaquin sees olin in the corner of his eye. and then he’s gone. the doors close. joaquin keeps speaking. he notices felicity behind him – and then she is gone. joaquin gives the archmage the cult of sorrows ring he has and the mage puts it in a locked chest. joaquin sees clint and meekus chatting in the corner. joaquin asks why he keeps seeing imagesr.

the archmage tells joaquin about hallister, a mage that his mentor knew, who got kicked out of the college.

joaquin asks if the archmage can do anything to fix tanum’s curse. he merely says tanum must follow his own path.

shad: follow your heart
emily: shut UP


[ben]: tanum is asleep
[ben]: it's like, midday
[emily]: why is he asleep
[shad]: he's fuckin' tanum

havi throws a christmas present at a sleeping tanum. 37:38

it’s a frying pan that, when you say the magic words, it transforms into a full cooking set.

tanum: presto ... cooko
tanum: *gives him a hug* thank you havi *smiles & runs to the kitchen*

joaquin gives havi 2 diamonds he bought earlier along with his lock that was keeping the box shut. he xplains what he found out about it and that the archmage has it now. joaquin offers to cut havi’s hair

joaquin: tanum will like it better this way

we hear some doors clattering downstairs. tanum enters the room with some plates and a big package. he hands us all our own packages. tanum had bought ireth a v-neck with jeans

havi’s dress is blue and floor-length. caranthir’s is skin-tight with gold sequins. joaquin’s is black and lacy.

jojo: you know what those would be good for???

jojo: because i got an invitation to a wedding …

shad: man you are going to TOWN on your little lunchbox snacks
shad: you got an apple sauce and a pudding snack and
tim: *sadly* this is my dinner
ben: we can't all afford to eat a WHOLE PINEAPPLE

we all decide we should leave for the wedding soon

[ashley]: i want to give philip a haircut too
[kayla]: what does it look like now?
[ashley]: 2009 pete wentz
[kayla]: do you think i just KNOW--

tanum suggests they all take the fancy new ferry over to quarmar. is curious why tanum knows so much about th is

do you just know boat stuff off the top of your head?

i like to know the travel schedules!

it has not been … uncommon … in the past that i have to … leave a city with short notice

jojo quickly apologizes to tanum about how he’s been treating him.

tim leaves quickly to go get something downstairs. we assume it is an emergency it is not. he is retrieving his two wands.

they all board the ferry. halfway through the journey, we notice a boat speeding towards us. it’s been chased by a sea monster. we recognize it as the s.s. alliteration (beard’s ship) and all groan. we decide to help defeat the sea monster.

[ashley]: *unconvincingly* joaquin is good-aligned now

havi actually casts a real offensive spell. joaquin kills the sea monster. we ride the rest of the way on beard’s ship

havi meets with tanum and tries casting remove curse 1:47:15

joaquin thanks tanum for helping the group. he tells tanum he’s intending to help him with his curse.

joaquin: by the way - are you and havi ACTUALLY dating?
tanum: *turns red* UH NO, no, no, we're-- not
tanum: he doesn't ... he doesn't feel that way about me
joaquin: okay, you can TRY to tell yourself that ...
tanum: no i-- can i tell you something?
tanum: we ... we sorta had a thing a long time ago, but ... i guess havi just, you know, didn't ...
tanum: it didn't really click with him, so he just kinda ... let it go
tanum: and you know, that's ok! that's ok, you know, i'm over that. it was a long time ago
joaquin: oh
joaquin: well

joaquin: do you have any idea how he reacted to you dying?
tanum: which time?
joaquin: the time i killed you
joaquin: he would have done ANYTHING to get you back - he DID do everything he could.
tanum: well, yeah, we're ... we're best friends
tanum: i mean, i know he cares about me ...
joaquin: well. i think it wouldn't hurt to try and talk to him again.
tanum: i don't know about that ...
joaquin: he's not gonna talk to you about it! because he's an idiot
joaquin: also YOU'RE an idiot
tanum: mmmggmmmmmhhhmgmmm
joaquin: also? you know he's trying to look all cute for you, right?
tanum: no, he just looks like that!


holiday party

lia is engaged, there’s a snowball fight, joaquin rolls a 1 to have fun

clint: wait what did you say
jojo: rosalind?
clint: uhhhhhh
jojo: what do you know about rosalind?
ireth: did she sleep with BOTH of--
clint: it was ONE night
joaquin: *starts drinking heavily*

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