nero phost (envy)

50+ | ~5’7″ | he/they | part-demon | warlock (monty)

Wallowing in a long depression had turned Nero into quite the jaded being.

His attempts to fix the demonic energy inside him were going nowhere, people all around him were happy and fulfilling their lives while Nero was stagnant; all because of one selfless mistake.

While not exactly assuming the role of the new demon of Envy, Nero slowly became a runner-up. However, despite eventually gaining his own power and influence, he still stuck right by Monty’s side, afraid of the unfamiliar.

quick look

  • evil. (sort of)
  • clipboard perfectionist
  • depressed kiss-ass

updated: 7/14/22

nero timeline


The most notable difference between Nero’s chipper old self and his new demon form is a deadpan and resentful demeanor. Working for Monty, Nero finds himself constantly surrounded by a plethora of wacky characters. He has learned to grin and bear being around these kinds of people, physically unable to find joy in their antics.

While need for recognition is still his loudest trait, it may have twisted into a worse necessity than before. Losing his emotions made it harder to gain the usual satisfaction from praise, and he doubled-down in hopes something might spark joy in him. He works obsessively hard to please his boss Monty, hoping for recognition as well as to satisfy his need to complete tasks. A bored Nero is a dangerous Nero. He does not like being alone with his thoughts.

While still a little gullible, Nero has wised up over the years. He can still be tricked if riled in the right way, but he finds himself skeptical of most everyone around him. He also still struggles with OCD, but has learned to cope with it better.

Even as a demon, Nero is still a prude. He is easy to fluster, though tends to snap angrily in response instead of only panicking. Romance is absolutely out of the question, something Nero refuses to let cloud his thoughts knowing he can no longer feel love.


In general, Nero’s form can be vague. The idea is that he is more smoke than physical body, that he is a step away from fully dissipating at all times.

His face and features are round, though have grown sightly sharper due to his demonic state. He’s typically drawn with deep under-eye bags and has sharp teeth, with one missing. There is a claw scar on his chest and a ring scar around his right arm from where his arm used to detach.

His skin is a dark green, and his hair is an even darker shade. He has a tail, though it is mostly made of smoke and is not always visible. His hair, tail, and body in general can emit billows of green smoke – this tends to happen more when he is especially angry or flustered.

He’s still a bowlcut boy, though the exact shape varies depending on how corporeal it decides to be. His ears are sharp and pointed upwards, and he has small, white horns on his forehead. He has clawed hands and feet.

He still dresses like a dapper lad, but has upgraded to pants. (Shorts are not appropriate for a professional work environment.) He wears dark green with orange accents such via fanny pack, bowtie, glasses, and clipboard.


Boss, patron, and object of his obsessions. Nero will do anything for Monty’s approval.


*screams in green*



Monty and Honestly’s child. born of true love. Nero babysat him.


Trill’s brother and Monty’s new employee. 🙂



Chronically ill, Nero’s other new employee.

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transformation into envy

Years of working for Monty later, Nero’s patience was running out. His attempts to fix himself were going nowhere, people all around him were happy and fulfilling their lives while Nero was stagnant; all because he had tried to do good for others.

When given the chance to renew the warlock pact keeping his inner demon at bay, Nero decided against it to see what would happen. He was tired of fighting it, and the demon energy mixed with his feelings of resentment slowly transformed him into a demon of Envy. His old adventuring friend, Toivo, was a catalyst in this transformation when he landed the very teaching job Nero had always dreamed of, but could no longer have.

he still works for monty tho

bullet point time for elaborating on later

  • nero still works for monty because he’s the only one who really Gets him and wouldn’t shun him away for what he turned into
  • nero feels a lot of shame for what he became and didnt want to face his old friends or family
  • so really all he has is monty and his family
  • (monty considers nero part of his family? i think? which is sweet)
  • nero is sooo good at his job he’s like, monty’s right hand man or something. he does all the secretarial work and performance reviews and event management and overseeing projects. sometimes he goes on missions for monty that involve retrieving items or people or doing other weird shit
  • lee (monty’s son who nero babysat for most of his childhood) is a grown adult now and keeps trying to get ahold of drugs
  • trill begins working for monty
  • nero does not like trill. trill is too interested in monty. trill is also good at their job. this annoys nero
  • despite the fact that nero is NOT yet the new envy (the current envy is still sitting on monty’s mantelpiece) the other 6 sins contact him regarding like. evil stuff. they have evil demon meetings and plan the end of the world. none of them really like nero
  • at some point lee hires the gang to bring him more drugs in exchange for helping them locate a friend
  • lee says nero probably has the drugs
  • trill decides they also need nero’s old virtue stone (chastity) and the gang assumes it’s in nero’s apartment still. so they break into it
  • the virtue stone is stolen from him, as well as AN ARM they find on display. maybe they find drugs i cant remember
  • the arm is nero’s old arm, the one that could detach itself 
  • nero comes back to his apartment JUST as they are leaving
  • in the distance, the gang can see nero’s apartment building set itself on fire. nero knows someone was there and stole from him
  • over time, nero becomes more and more infuriated with the party (mostly trill) and their relationship becomes dangerous (maybe because we keep trying to ruin his life)
  • at some point the gang fights a cult leader who creates clones using a giant vat of blood. 2rill (trill’s clone) throws the nero’s arm in the vat
  • this creates clone nero, a clone of nero taken from the moment his arm was blown off of his body
  • this nero doesn’t have any knowledge of what happened past that moment and does not know his other self is currently an evil demon
  • end of the world shit is happening
  • envy tries to KILL trill by sending his minions after them
  • end of the world shit
  • the gang checks in with monty who is like, huh nero took a half day today. he’s never done that before. wonder what that’s about
  • the gang has to go break into a bank vault but they have to distract nero so trill disguises as monty and has a chat with nero
  • it’s a very good scene
  • eventually nero realizes it’s trill and gets mad and is going to attack them but more end of the world shit happens
  • nero almost gets possessed by a thing but it doesnt work since he isnt a full sin
  • marsh has a really dramatic moment with nero’s body and can see his old form for a moment
  • monty is there to help him 🙁 he like protects nero somehow i cant remember but its cute and sad
  • later, in monty’s house, the gang is talking about stuff and nero walks in
  • he makes sure to put on the house slippers at the door
  • he has a speech prepared. he would like for us to kill him with the special sword we have 
  • he believes he deserves to die, etc etc, and is super dramatic but also formal about it
  • we tell him to shut the fuck up and stab him with a different sword, one that only stabs the demon out of him (also magic), and there’s a touching moment between trill and nero and monty at nero
  • he’s fine now

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dmytro implanted a tracker in him while they were fucking once



aukashe’s angry with him more than anything. won’t let nero near her family. he sometimes stops by anyway

  • BIRTHDAY: July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
  • IDENTITY  he/they | antiromantic
  • BODY  ~5’7″ | dark green | billowing smoke | stubby horns | stubby teeth (one missing) | stubby claws | pointy ears | orange glasses optional | fanny pack optional
  • RACE  quarter-elf | demon (?)
  • CLASSES  warlock (Monty) | wizard (forfeit)
  • PROFESSIONS  right-hand man to His Mischievousness Montgomery Modestly | substitute Envy of the 7 Sins
  • ALIGNMENT  lawful evil
  • VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani
  • ZODIAC:  Cancer

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