nero phost (envy)

BIRTHDAY  July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
IDENTITY  he/they | antiromantic
BODY  ~5’7″ | dark green | billowing smoke | stubby horns | stubby teeth (one missing) | stubby claws | pointy ears | orange glasses optional | fanny pack optional

RACE  quarter-elf | demon (?)
CLASSES  warlock (Monty) | wizard (forfeit)
PROFESSIONS  right-hand man to His Mischievousness Montgomery Modestly | substitute Envy of the 7 Sins
ALIGNMENT  lawful evil

VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani
ZODIAC  Cancer


boss, patron, object of his obsessions
will do anything to win his approval


*screams in green*


monty & honestly’s child
born of true love
nero babysat




monty’s wife
she’s nice, but doesn’t like him so much anymore. he understands


trill’s brother 🙂


chronically ill


envious of his half-siblings


wanted to be taught cooler magic
nero can no longer further his own wizarding studies, so he found an outlet


elf monk/sorcerer


made a deal with lust, but after fucking that up went to envy


administrative assistant


just really wants to do some powerful fuckin magic




dmytro implanted a tracker in him while they were fucking once



aukashe’s angry with him more than anything. won’t let nero near her family. he sometimes stops by anyway

wallowing in a long depression had turned Nero into quite the jaded being. thinking he had enough self-control to keep his (literal) inner-demon at bay, he turned down the offer of a contract renewal with his patron. this did not go well. soon after, he was crawling back to Monty, begging for his help & terrified of losing himself.

many years later, his patience had run out. his research was going nowhere, people all around him were happy & fulfilling their lives while Nero was stagnant; all because he had tried to do good for others

idk some shit happened he’s technically not THE Envy because THE Envy is still in a jar on Monty’s mantelpiece but he’s getting there. he’s also no longer a warlock of Monty, but still works for him because he has nowhere else to go.

doom sock
he’s not actually this cool

we know where you sleep
still not this cool, but a great vibe

black eyes
the true Envy still sits in a jar atop Monty’s mantelpiece …

witness me
did i fall into darkness? or did i turn onto something more illusory?

look what you made me do
the old Nero can’t come to the phone right now :/

all is all all should be
as i fade away you come to be & when the cycle ends, it begins with an unfamiliar me

everybody knows my name
whose fault is it that i must burn? whose fault is it? whose fault is it?

the moon / awake
i’d bare you my heart if i knew that it was still there