holiday party

lia is engaged, there’s a snowball fight, joaquin rolls a 1 to have fun

clint: wait what did you say
jojo: rosalind?
clint: uhhhhhh
jojo: what do you know about rosalind?
ireth: did she sleep with BOTH of--
clint: it was ONE night
joaquin: *starts drinking heavily*

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why do our friends keep dying


felicity gives us a box, philip storms off, tanum dies again

[shad]: we go to the room & lock the door
[kayla]: we don't have a dead body this time, it's fine!
[kayla]: for once

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navigating twice as fast


it’s joaquin’s birthday, caranthir gets his ears clipped, a drow bursts through our window

havi: jojo is his own person, he can do whatever he wants
havi: if he wants to go get KILLED, then he can go get KILLED
joaquin: you're gonna go get killed

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meekus markus the maritime mage


meekus dies, lia murders some trees, tanum wilds out

tanum: i wanted to be an adventurer like you, havi!
tanum: so i sold everything from the shop!! and here i am!!!
havi: you WHAT

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