AGE  28
IDENTITY  male | he/him
BODY  5’3″

RACE  aarakocra
CLASSES  wizard (war) | warlock (the undying)
ALIGNMENT  lawful neutral

STR 15 | DEX 16 | CON 13
INT 17 | WIS 8 | CHA 14

LEVEL 7 | HP 29


apparently someone very important …
he doesn’t act like it, though


needs to stop & think sometimes


needs to stop thinking sometimes

tristamwhy do we keep trying to coerce him into sex

faithsometimes the group’s only voice of reason


did not attend his classes, but rook apprenticed for him every day after school 
adler taught rook magic that was like. kind of fucked up actually. but rook saw nothing wrong with it, seeing it all as magic to be used only in case of emergencies

after adler got fired from the university rook went to, rook was determined to find where he had gone.
also, maybe why he got fired, but … it couldn’t have been for something bad

coming soon