basil walker

55 | 5’5″ | he/him | catfolk | botanist


quick look
  • retired gang leader
  • driven to desperation
  • “back in my day”

last updated: 05/27/21


he went through some trauma recently & is now angry & desperate

he used to be in a gang when he was younger and probably did hard drugs so he has the attitude of someone who’s like … been around the block and nothing surprises him anymore.

he is tired and just wants to study plants in his lab.


old man, has tattoos but i haven’t designed them yet (think yakuza), and he has a crook in his tail. he doesn’t have humanoid ears (just cat ears on the top of his head) and he has whiskers that can be drawn like cat whiskers. 🥺


oh my god they were lab partners

[ secret info: do not leak ]


  • IDENTITY: transmale