talmage sazerac

AGE | BIRTHDAY  25 | November 19 (Have a Bad Day Day)
IDENTITY  he/they
BODY  5’3″ | freckles | 2 sets of horns | neck tattoo | foot pawpads

RACE  tiefling (pink/indigo)
CLASSES  wizard | artificer
ALIGNMENT  chaotic neutral

PROFESSION  student at Brighthaven

VOICE  Harley Poe
ZODIAC  Scorpio

REFERENCE  secret tweetzone

ink ★ sheer ★ bells ★ R E V O L U T I O N 


part-sphinx with healing abilities, slowly regaining his memories, might be the bad guy


princess cursed to be a dragonborn, is looking to exact revenge on a god


energetic tiefling who builds strange robots, his dad works directly with the vale


broody & rude, can cast radiant magic but refuses to because it got his entire family killed i guess, extremely heterosexual


ringleader, magic-user but plays it off as performance magic, broke talmage’s ankle once for a bit


cat-girl gymnast, luci’s ex-buddy




The Clown, does not speak, can kill birds with his mind, Always There

dominoillusion expert, plays go fish


cowboy lion tamer

(oh my god they were roommates)


old professor, now part of a resistance against the vale

rocco’s brother, strong beliefs regarding how tieflings are treated, missing, last seen with the circus, was searching for a god for power

isaac graves
rocco’s babysitter, Do Not Anger Him, could kill you instantly, loves his cats

someone bishop is looking for, can apparently heal & perform miracles, does not want to be found by bishop

talmage was conditioned to believe that the magic he could do, as well as his very existence, was inherently evil. after bowing his head for too many years, he grew rebellious and bitter towards the organization that repeatedly beat him down.

as a young adult, he found and attended one of the few secret wizarding schools hidden around the country. these havens were kept secret from the vale in order to protect those who sought out a safe space to practice magic.

after the school was discovered by the vale, it was quickly destroyed, and talmage was left feeling lost, betrayed, and angry. an officer had branded him, something he soon found out caused him great pain when he tried to cast traditional wizard spells. slacking off in class paid off, however, and talmage found a way to bypass it. the unique artificer magic he had been slowly developing, using ink and symbols as its main components, were different enough to slip through the brand’s restrictions.

eventually talmage was picked up by the rockfort circus, a group of performers disguising their magical origins as simple parlor tricks. he is currently searching for a way to remove his brand and overthrow an evil megachurch.

he’s a bratty sub who might do the opposite of what you told him to just to be difficult!!!

despite being in the ideal environment, talmage was not a very good student. he slacked off and ignored the curriculum in favor of working on personal projects instead!

these “personal projects” typically involved taking the current coursework and pushing its limits, usually in dangerous ways. he borrowed school resources he shouldn’t have access to and caused a decent amount of property damage during his time there.

eventually he developed his own type of spellcasting, using certain objects and actions as the basis of his spells as opposed to the traditional wand and component pouch. as a frequent doodler and occasional graffiti artist, talmage was already drawn to the feeling he got when leading ink across paper. harnessing that and applying it to his magical studies became his new hobby.

  • “talmage” means “ringing of bells”
  • “talmage” typically auto-corrects to “magenta”


talmage uses calligrapher’s tools to cast spells!

concentrating on a spell involves protecting the life of the ink – if concentration is broken, the ink probably dissipates or smears

  • [LIGHT] - paint symbol onto object
  • [GUIDANCE] - paint phrase or symbol while channeling motivating energy
  • [ALARM] - paint a line around the warded area, add bell symbol with same stroke - makes wind chime noise
  • [DISGUISE SELF] - paint various symbols onto face (different symbols produce different appearances)
  • [IDENTIFY] - paint symbol onto a pair of glasses
  • [CURE WOUNDS] - paint symbol onto skin using something with holy energy

je sais qui tu es
i imagine this playing as talmage runs, panicking, from the walls of his crumbling school

might quit
do you remember the way that we dreamed we could change our lives

i don’t trust u anymore
i remember the days when your wretched image didn’t make me sick

meat bag
society’s disease, ow ask me if I care


sometimes you can still hear her

the kid who drowned at summer camp