bleu devereux

AGE  29
IDENTITY  male | he/him | demiromantic
BODY  5’11” | average | well-fed noble
blue hair | freckles | sharper than average teef

RACE  half-elf
CLASSES  warlock
ALIGNMENT  lawful neutral

generous ✓ ✓ xxx

    • from an old magic family whose head is nearly always one of the heads of the mage’s college
    • all his family is wizards or artificers but HE’S a warlock which is really, hmmm, so it’s kept hush-hush
    • family has old money, someone back in the family tree made some shady demon dealings probably to get HELLA $$$$$, this can either be like, totally unknown to the public or maybe there’s some rumors going around?
    • this curse cause, every once in a while, someone in the family line to either be born as a tiefling or start to turn into one during their teen years
    • this happened to bleu during puberty
    • he got real scared and scared of what his parents would think (maybe he was doing a spell and he assumed something went wrong and fucked him up, so he blamed himself)
    • struck a deal with his own demon (summoning ritual or smthn, he found a bunch of old books) to cover up

his tiefling junk as it started happening
    • did it himself w/o confronting his parents, they found out later and were very mad at him, said he should have consulted them first
    • the whole family thing was explained to him and that they normally have a way of covering it up you IDIOT
    • now he’s gotta be responsible for this demon pact
    • met adagio at like, a formal event his family was hosting when he was like, 25 maybe
    • TOTALLY enamored (he likes older guys) and just sorta hung around him
    • they didnt have a fling but bleu was really obviously trying for that and sent him a like, follow-up letter thanking him for attending and encouraging him to come over again
    • adagio was TOTES married tho. but. that didnt stop bleu from
    • i imagine they palled around for a week or two or so before they slept together
    • bleu did a lot of like “I DON’T WANNA RUSH THINGS BUT HA HA are we dating can i call you my boyfriend now”
    • they dated maybe just one year i think
    • their one year anniversary was so over the top im sure adagio was like haha. fuck i need to break this off
    • since then he’s only dated one other guy whoooooooo reminded him of adagio lol
    • puts ppl on a pedestal
    • that guy who if ur an artist he’ll be like “ohh ur so lucky i can only draw stick figures :’) “
    • feels the need to comment on a lot of things he isn’t involved in
    • will oneup your sob stories with his own
    • hes just kind of unpleasant to talk to in large doses
    • all of these negative traits increase exponentially when he’s drunk except he’ll randomly start crying

clingy ✗ blunt ✗ xxx