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aurabri arkwright

20’s | 5’6″ | they/them | human | wizard

Talmage’s roommate during the 3 years they attended Brighthaven.

While there was never any compassion between them, Talmage and Aurabri were always very codependent. Despite spending most of their time bickering, rooming with anyone else was out of the question.

They’re the kind of people you meet and immediately think, “Oh god, they have history.” Neither of them would ever admit it, but they were definitely best friends during their time together.

Aurabri ended up disclosing the location of their school to the Vale, resulting in its destruction and Talmage’s loss of magic.


Aurabri is the cowardly suck-up type to side with whomever is strategically-advantageous at the moment. They’re petty and bitchy and don’t know when to shut the fuck up and assumes everyone is listening every time they open their stupid little mouth. They do the ohoho hime laugh.


  • white hair
    • style varies, but the main point is that they put effort into styling it
  • beauty mark under right eye
  • glasses
  • dangly earrings
  • scar around entire neck
  • CLASS: wizard (Scribe)
  • ALIGNMENT: true neutral
  • PROFESSION: Brighthaven student | Vale summoner | assistant to Isaac Graves | member of The Resistance
  • VOICE: Sanpei Yuuko as Furias (2:15)

nicollet linetti

20’s | 6’4″ | she/her | tiefling


  • loud
  • friendly/touchy
  • uses sarcasm incorrectly
  • midwestern mom friend
  • creative, likes fashion and baking
  • basically scorpia from she-ra


  • large
  • big booba
  • freckles
  • big horns
  • big tail


  • fishnet
  • green or black
  • jingly stuff
  • ALIGNMENT: neutral good


AGE  50’s
 male | he/him
BODY  5’9″

RACE  human
CLASS  wizard

PROFESSION  professor at Brighthaven | member of a Vale resistance group




IDENTITY  he/they
BODY  6’2″, gangly

RACE  demon
ALIGNMENT  probably evil

VOICE  that handsome devil


she/her | moon elf


he/him| moon elf