nero phost

20’s | 5’6″ | he/him | half-elf | wizard (illusion) | rogue

Nero is terrified of everything and desperately needs someone to tell him he did a good job!

A stickler for rules, he will not hesitate to report you to the authorities if caught breaking them. Luckily for everyone else, Nero’s observational skills aren’t the best and he can easily be tricked into believing most anything.

He’s a bit of a narrative punching bag – kidnapping, blackmail, slowly turning into a demon … Nero’s plan of living a perfectly boring life will never come to be.

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updated: 11/20/21

nero timeline


Nero is a lot of extremes rolled into one very unfortunate lad.

His loudest trait is his need for recognition. Nero was a gold star student who grew to be a gold star adult – he needs to be told he did a good job by every authority figure in the vicinity. This need has a tendency to blind him to those without his best interest in mind, making him very gullible so long as they have the credentials to back it up. Simply-put, Nero is a huge kiss-ass.

Working hand-in-hand with his perfection is Nero’s intense need for rules and order. Everything must be a Certain Way – he has set rules and conditions for what may seem like minor tasks, and becomes very upset when these are disturbed. (Many of Nero’s mannerisms can be linked to OCD.) This sometimes leads to Nero being very close-minded, insisting that his way of doing things is the only way and not leaving room for much else.

Nero is also a prude as well as a romantic. Sex before marriage scandalizes him, he doesn’t consider dating someone unless he plans to settle down, and he dreams of the perfect beachside cottage with a white picket fence for his future wife and two kids.

Something very specifically linked to the events prior to DNDASH is his paranoia. Following threats of blackmail, Nero became very paranoid and wary of just about everything and everyone. He had habits of accidentally casting spells when startled, assuming the worst out of situations, and generally being a jittery mess. This clashed with his usual blind trust of authority, creating lot of inner conflict.


Nero is average height and decent weight – one might refer to him as “soft,” having a few extra pounds thanks to his very comfortable upbringing. His face and features are round. He’s typically drawn with deep under-eye bags (it’s the trauma) and has a missing tooth (it’s the trauma). There is also a claw scar on his chest.

He’s a bowlcut boy! Sometimes with an undercut. His natural hair color is black, but he wears a ring that changes its color to white. Eventually this ring shorted-out, resulting in a black-to-white gradient. His eyebrows are very small and round.

He dresses like a good good dapper lad, favoring shorts and a bowtie. He loves blues and browns. Sometimes, he wears a brown paperboy cap made by his sister.

Partway through his adventures, Nero’s right arm became detached and afflicted with demonic energy. It emits eerie black smoke where it was severed, and has the ability to float away from Nero’s body, often against his command. Sometimes its nails are painted black.

elliot lightwood

Elliot and Nero were known to butt heads quite a bit. Elliot found it too easy to wind Nero up, startling him when possible & bending the truth just to see how he would react. Nero was quick to insinuate he was better than Elliot in many different ways, often times targeting his intelligence or lack of social grace.



toivo kissa

Toivo didn’t go to school for his wizarding abilities, like Nero did, which drives him a little crazy.

auka phost

Hat-maker and fashionista. Auka can hold her alcohol and will not hesitate to punch you if you mess with her little brother. She will absolutely punch him, too.

dmytro herlofsky

A little crazy. They dated briefly. Ironically, Nero only became interesting to Dmytro once Nero starting turning into a demon.


The group’s moral compass and pseudo-leader, Nero respected Julian and his decisions. He didn’t realize it, but Nero also had a bit of a crush on him.


Laurent going to divorce his wife but it’s FINE we can FIX that


One time he stole money from someone’s tip jar … this can never be forgiven.


nero phost ➞ nero (forfeit) ➞ nero (envy) ➞ nero

childhood & early adulthood

To Nero, family is everything.

He lived a very cookie-cutter upper-middle class life. He loved his sister, he loved his mom, he loved his dad. Nero was a straight A student, and his parents expected him to do great things.

As an adult, he attended Sibley’s School for the Gifted – a wizard school where he studied illusory magic. Illusions and special effects became his specialty, building upon a pre-existing knack for parlor tricks when putting on puppet shows for the local children.


One fateful day, Nero was snatched away while walking home for the evening. He was taken somewhere unfamiliar by an unknown group of people, and was given an ultimatum.

He was instructed to join the escort group in charge of bringing Prince Lesley to the neighboring kingdom so he could marry their princess and bring peace to the two kingdoms – except to specifically not let Prince Lesley reach his destination. It was implied that Nero’s family would be hurt if he did not comply.

escorting prince lesley

Having assumed his only task was to prevent the prince from reaching his destination, Nero did all he could to hinder the group or break Lesley’s motivation to marrying the princess.

This was apparently not good enough, as one day Nero received a message delivered by hummingbird. 

Your work thus far has been barely passable. Therefore the living conditions of your loved ones will be accurately equated to your work.


i got bored formatting this page so the rest is unformatted who knows when i will return to it 🤪

  • nero meets monty, i forget his early significance but nero generally is a little creeped out by him
  • nero is found out to be working against the party
  • he apologizes
  • auka becomes possessed by a demon and they have to fight her and it’s sad
  • she’s fine
  • nero DIES in battle (and gets a cool chest scar)
  • prince lesley (secretly the antichrist) revives nero – but rolls a natural 1
  • this (unknowingly) ends up sealing demon? energy? inside of nero as he is brought back to life
  • monty does some ominous shit like ask nero if he knows what he’s turning into, to which nero is obviously like. huh????? because he has no idea. monty also touches nero’s chest as he does this
  • nero and dmytro start dating at some point and then break up fairly quickly
  • in another encounter nero gets shot in the arm by a demonic attack, and while it doesn’t hurt him, it DOES blow the arm off – which simply dangles in the air next to him all spookily
  • this is revealed to be because the demon energy sealed within him has grown strong enough to take control over a part of him, and is still growing
  • nero has a detachable arm now. sometimes it has a mind of it’s own and gets into trouble. this is an unfortunate situation for nero
  • the demon thing gets worse
  • monty offers to help nero with his demon problem if nero agrees to be his warlock 
  • nero becomes a warlock of monty in exchange for monty halting the spread of the demon within him (it is still there – just dormant)
  • working for monty consists of like, magical item retrieval and delivery via fanny pack
  • FINALE SHIT: nero assumes position as chastity of the 7 virtues, he’s given a cool virtue stone that lets him do a literal magical girl transformation, and they all fight the big bad
  • nero ends up diving into a pool of pure magic because emily wanted to know what would happen
  • he has to be dead when entering the pool for it to work (we didn’t know that) so monty shoots him right before he lands
  • in the pool, nero is asked questions by an archangel who guard the pool to determine if the person is worthy enough of great magical power or not
  • nero doesn’t answer all of the questions “correctly” resulting in
    • gaining some cool extra magic power that is hard to control
    • losing all ability to feel emotion, passion, or love
    • nero’s future children, if he ever had any, would not be able to use magic
  • monty, being connected to nero via warlock pact, suddenly becomes INCREDIBLY powerful
  • they save the world and get a book written about them
  • i cry a lot thinking about how nero will never be happy again because he can’t love and he can’t feel passion for magic studies and he can’t have a family 🙂
  • the end (continued @ forfeit nero)

the 7 families

Labelle, Phost, Lexington, Nightengale, Amberlin, Dorrian and Sunnfelds

like the 7 families are more in name more than like actual political authority. the name generally gives people a little bump in getting better jobs because they’re so well known

it isn’t like an official thing, but all the families know of each other

of course nero’s has been slipping a lil bit after his parents aint really doing too much important shit and you’re father refusing to be master of coin, he’s a mediocre banker in the suburbs living off family money

but there was a lot of hope for auka, and then even more when nero showed remarkable magical abilities like his grandparents

grandparents basically co-held liberty lexington’s position

but auka has always been pretty business minded and was going to be a pretty big deal but then met her husband and slowed down for him

so the 7 families were very influential in helping when solendale and silistone split apart


Nero’s mom. She wrote books about making your life easier (using magic in interesting ways, using certain herbs and spices medicinally, unique cookbooks, tips & tricks). At the time of his adventure, she was showing signs of sickness, but kept them hidden.


Nero’s dad. A banker (not top of the line, but one of the fairly important people at their town’s central bank). He has a grudge against their country’s politics.


Auka’s fiance, a super white-bread boring paladin man. Incredibly nice, attractive, and vanilla.

bekkyl braum

Auka’s half-orc assistant at her hat shop.

sibley’s school of magic

ciera mackalo

Ciera had a crush on Nero when they were kids. When she confessed, he got super weird and stopped talking to her. What a dick!

keysley de vries

Nero’s self-proclaimed rival. Has great hair. Is snippy. Nero never considered him a rival, which made him even angrier.

linnea viary

Tall and clumsy as HELL.

turner auguste

Necromancy art student. Probably does slam poetry.

leelah carson

Nero’s favorite professor, they had an aunt/nephew sort of relationship.

  • IDENTITY: male | he/him | demisexual biromantic
  • BIRTHDAY: July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
  • ZODIAC: Cancer
  • ALIGNMENT: lawful good
  • VOICE: LilyPichu as Sejuani
  • PROFESSION: Chastity of the 7 Virtues
  • APPEARS IN: DNDASH | hs au rptwitter rp
  • His name (poorly) translates to “blackmail”
    • dark email

– NOT a rulebreaker
– seeks out ways to learn new things
– introverted
– great vocabulary
– realistically optimistic, though recently he’s become very nervous and paranoid

– cats & dogs
– taking walks
– reading
– card games
– learning new magic

– loud noises
– open spaces
– small spaces
– spaces
– places
– unmarked paths

– VERY good at magic
– can sway people to see his side of the story

– do not ask him to do anything illegal

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