holiday party

lia is engaged, there’s a snowball fight, joaquin rolls a 1 to have fun

clint: wait what did you say
jojo: rosalind?
clint: uhhhhhh
jojo: what do you know about rosalind?
ireth: did she sleep with BOTH of--
clint: it was ONE night
joaquin: *starts drinking heavily*

everyone wakes up in their proper bodies as their proper genders. across from us we see clint philip tanum and lia. in a whirl of steam and green robes, meekus appears. he makes purposeful eye contact with each of us.

meekus: i understand that you've all been dealing with challenges and hardships ... but i think this winter solstice, you deserve a reprise
meekus: so i'm using some of my power to give you this night to spend with your friends

caranthir asks where the booze is. him & tanum run off to the kitchen. shad begins searching for a christmas tree. ireth goes skinny-dipping in the hot tub out back. caranthir begins spiking the food with alcohol.

[emily]: did meekus disappear
[ben]: meekus is in the kitchen
[kayla]: he's supervising caranthir
[emily]: he is doing a VERY bad job

jojo suggests a snowball fight! we run outside. we realize meekus’s house is on a cloud. havi can tell the edges of the cloud are enchanted so people can’t fall off.

jojo throws a snowball at joaquin, missing. he turns to clint, nudging him, who is already making his own snowballs. suddenly joaquin is hit with a snowball – it’s philip. he levitates a bunch of snow into the air and hits jojo with it.

clint lifts havi and just throws him into the snow

[kayla]: is havi broken

joaquin gets buried up to the waist by snow. lia had pushed it off the roof. havi starts to throw snowballs using mage hand. dahlia climbs up to the roof but is pushed off by lia.


havi notices a GIANT mound of snow hovering over jojo and joaquin. he slowly sneaks away from the situation. ireth emerges from the hot tub and climbs to the roof with the intention of tackling dahlia off. she is still naked. joaquin gets supplexed. havi casts air walk to avoid This Entire Situation. ireth throws a snowball at him anyway, and havi falls down onto jojo.

they all go inside for food

tanum brings everyone glasses of wine. he hauls a huge cooked bird out to the dinner table. 44:00 he distributes the food. we say grace???????????

havi makes a mashed potato castle. joaquin drops mashed potatoes in his lap. clint tells an embarrassing story about joaquin from when he was younger.

ben: if you give me the sippy cup i'm going to drink WAY too much
emily: is that a problem
ben: well that depends
ben: how many hands do you want jojo to have at the end of this?
emily: three

ireth starts telling the story about how we got weird deformities in windfast. joaquin and havi are embarrassed.

someone brings up how funny it was when havi just turned and ran away from a battle – that was when we were rescuing clint! someone name drops rosalind, and clint pauses.

clint: wait what did you say
jojo: rosalind?
clint: uhhhhhh
jojo: what do you know about rosalind?
ireth: did she sleep with BOTH of--
clint: it was ONE night
joaquin: *starts drinking heavily*

clint starts bringing up xavia & jojo’s “night of passion” on the boat. jojo makes a perception check on lia. she looks uncomfortable. havi senses jealousy. dahlia suggests a drinking game – tanum is ecstatic.

ireth: does rosalind do that with all of her prisoners
clint: i was not a -- no
clint: no

havi messages tanum asking if he wants to eat at the table. he comes out of the kitchen with a GIANT chocolate cake. jojo jokingly asks if it’s poisoned – tanum stares jojo down and pours a vial of something on ONE of theslices, the  distributors them. jojo is scared. they all eat the cake anyway.

havi notices “something about the npc’s” but doesn’t say anything.

it’s present time. roll for initiative!

philip gifts havi a magic band-aid. clint gifts meekus something that makes him burst out laughing,  it doesn’t show the group. lia stands up and hands clint a small box, giving each other a knowing look. jojo is suspicious.

dahlia gives ireth some leather lingerie. caranthir gives dahlia a circlet made of dahlia flowers and bark bracelets you can carve designs into it. ireth gifts jojo a gold bangle that has lia’s signature on it. jojo gifts caranthir a leather wand holder. joaquin gifts philip a magic scroll and a drawing, as well as an apology letter. havi gifts joaquin a music box that plays music that matches the mood of whoever is opening it. (he stole it)

joaquin actually gifts everyone something! jojo gets blueberries, ireth gets a headband, dahlia gets a belt of daggers, caranthir gets a wand holder, havi gets a glasses pouch.

meekus suddenly needs to leave and leaves philip in charge. people start stripping getting ready for the hot spring. jojo gets a boner watching lia undress. they all go out to the hot spring. havi does NOT undress, but just sticks his legs in the water. joaquin gets into the hot tub still wearing jeans. jojo still hasn’t joined bc of his boner.

lia: *pokes her head inside*
lia: just embrace it

jojo joins the party in the pool. everyone finally notices that lia is wearing an engagement ring.

ireth: never have i ever slept with anyone else in this hot tub!!!
tanum, lia, & clint: *put a finger down*
everyone: *stares at havi*
tanum: if the OTHER person REALLY doesn't want reveal himself he doesn’t HAVE to

joaquin loses. clint says the next person who loses has to do 7 minutes in heaven with him.

jojo: never have i ever been ENGAGED
lia: *puts a finger down*

shad punches emily’s chair.

tanum starts flirting with ireth. he makes his ears pointy to impress her – it doesn’t work. he goes over to lia and starts flirting with her. jojo is pissed and gives tanum a threatening look, where tanum implies they should have a threesome.



lia and clint leave the hot tub – jojo punches tanum in the face. he starts bleeding all in the water.

jojo looks for lia. he sees clint sitting against a door. tanum suddenly leaves the hot tub and runs inside. havi follows, and notices someone enchanted the main doorway inside. dahlia walks through and gets frozen in the doorway. havi realizes the spell on the door has something to do with romance or sexuality. havi casts command on joaquin to go through the doorway. joaquin and dahlia make out. some other people make out??? caranthir transforms into a wolf and walks in, making out with dahlia.

[finish later]