nero phost (clone)

AGE | BIRTHDAY | CLONEDAY  2 | July 3rd (Disobedience Day) | December 11th
IDENTITY  male | he/him | demisexual biromantic
BODY 5’6″ | well-fed | soft boy | black bowlcut | teeny lil brows | still got that weird arm huh

RACE  quarter-elf
CLASSES  wizard (illusion) | rogue | paladin (Honestly)
PROFESSION  Chastity of the 7 Virtues | right-hand man to Honestly
ALIGNMENT  lawful good

VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani 
ZODIAC  Cancer


trillthoughtful, but could use proper magic lessons

nikolayhis best shot at getting into the college of his dreams
(suck up to at ALL COSTS)

nadiraa good & strong defender
cares about her friends

marshdeserves to be put together the right way 🙁


a fellow clone … ironically, their existence kind of comforts him


very wary of. monty has offered to aid nero with his continuing demon problem, but he is hesitant to follow his other self’s footsteps in ANY way

should not exist
is determined to kill & replace him as the ONE & ONLY nero phost


somehow, the most comforting presence for nero right now
he wants to … date him …. again

elliothasn’t met up with him & fair yet but … really wants to. thinks they’ll get along now that (one of them) has matured

nero timeline

long story short, we broke into envy nero’s dark office, stole his old arm, & threw it into a blood tub.

tada! baby nero!