ian sang

19 (immortal) | 5’11” | he/him | human | blood warlock / rogue

After accidentally acquiring blood magic and killing his brother, Ian found himself an inmate of Penitentiary Eight. There, he agreed to be apart of an experiment that resulted in his pseudo-immortality.

If he ever dies, Ian’s soul is returned to a special crystal. So long as he can find his way back to his body, he will return to life.


quick look
  • blood magic brother killer
  • my chemical romance
  • cannot die

updated: 05/27/21

broad-shouldered | unibrow | bandages on arms cover scars


The little demon guy who gave Ian his magic! Deceptively terrifying, Beeb can change their size at will – though they stay tiny and cute most of the time.

Beeb’s presence unnerves Ian, and he generally tries to shoo them away if they choose to appear. He doesn’t exactly want his friends knowing about the demon blood pact he made on a whim.

If provoked, Beeb can be very, very scary.


Ian got along with Bailey the most, (despite her age) due to her immature attitude. One time she died when he accidentally dropped her injured body onto the ground.


Ian’s brother! He’s dead now.


heinrich, nedra, kheldar, klause, honey

  • ALIGNMENT: true neutral
  • asexual demiromantic