ian sang

AGE  19
IDENTITY  male | he/him | asexual demiromantic
BODY  5’11” | broad-shouldered | unibrow | bandages on arms cover scars

RACE  human
CLASSES  warlock (blood) | rogue
ALIGNMENT  true neutral

lil demon guy who gave him his blood magic
deceptively terrifying

if you asked a demon for magic & it sucked all the blood out of your brother giving you traumatic blood-based magical abilities & killing him instantly would that be fucked up or what


the only one he could really relate to

nedradon’t call her ned

kheldarhad a talking axe for a while

heinrichhis brother killed him & he possessed a cup

klauseshoot the bee in the fucking head

honeystill not sure if she wants us dead

blood ★ guilt ★ demons ★ crows

has a my chemical romance kind of vibe

coming soon