enzo mologna

AGE  27
IDENTITY  male | he/him | homosexual
BODY  lanky | gap tooth | strawberry blonde mullet

RACE  half-elf
CLASS  sorcerer (wild magic) | bard (lore)
PROFESSION  mystery novel author
ALIGNMENT  true neutral



nikkitoo brash, kind of gross …


nadirakind of scares me

sometimes u just gotta promise to go on an unspecified number of dates with a powerful sphinx

penpal until we found out he was … you know

“magic is BAD sweetie … make sure no one finds out you have it, okay?”

last updated: 4/20/21

known for his on-going book series, Enzo travels the world looking for strange events to document and publish. he claims each one to be a true story told from firsthand experience, but let’s be real; that’s far from the case.

he was born with magic, but violently rejects it due to his strict upbringing. he is also extremely judgmental towards anyone who isn’t a full elf; blissfully-unaware of his own heritage.