we robbed the bank



roll for initiative!

tanum casts a shimmering spell – we think he cast invisibility on all of us. we agree we should all just sneak away … but ireth wants to kill rondo. havi casts spare the dying on a dwarf who is dying and being cradled by his friend.

joaquin goes to talk to xavia at the mage’s college to ask why she knows clint and speak with the archmage. xavia congratulates them for getting their bodies back. joaquin asks

joaquin: it’s important to thank people who do favors for you

jojo: i have have never heard you say thank you to anyone

jojo asks xavia if she’s noticed anything weird at the college lately. aside from them. she says they’ve been short staffed. joaquin asks if xavia knows how to reverse the gender curse. jojo asks xavia if she knows about “anything happening  in quarmar soon” (lia’s wedding)