here’s arnam!

the group has breakfast. the masked figure and philip are outside in the yard chatting.

areli tries to ask the masked figure not to command him like he did the other day. areli is commanded to leave. he angrily goes to play with his dog, silver. caranthir turns into a wolf and joins them.

caranthir: HEY PUP HOW’S IT GOIN

silver: WOOF

areli tries to shoo caranthir away. caranthir licks areli. areli tries to smack him but rolls so bad he takes 7 dmg.

havi runs upstairs to tanum. he’s asleep. havi slams the door. he still doesn’t wake up.

havi: TANUM

tanum: WHAH

havi: where the hell is your BOOK

tanum: what book

havi: your SPELL book

tanum: uhhhh i don’t remember why

habi: did you LOSE it

tanum: it’s so early

havi: it is 10 AM

tanum: you’re an ELF YOU SLEEP LESS THAN ME

havi: you lost your spellbook???

tanum: i mean. i haven’t seen it in a while

havi: do you think maybe that’s why your spells aren’t working? because you aren’t using your spellbook???

tanum: no

tanum: because i HAD one for a long time and there. it. there was no change

havi: are you sure?

tanum: yes

havi: okay


havi: wake up *leaves*

everyone visits the striker teams as they spar.

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