weapons cache


[shad]: i don't trust them
[ashley]: you trust lia. always
[shad]: shut up

ireth approaches the striker teams and asks to spar with shadrack.

ireth: my name is ireth, i'm with mcquinston's party. we wanted to know what you could do
shadrack: ... who?
ireth: ireth.
shadrack: ... you're with who?

ireth shoots two arrows at shadrack’s stomach, but they stick like arrows into a tree. he extends his hand and a bone grows quickly out of his wrist and he breaks it off. he slashes at ireth with it.

they keep sparring. shadrack bear hugs ireth and uses the same bone-growing attack, but into her body. she rolls a 1 to free herself. he tries to supplex her but fails. ireth wins.

caranthir challenges meishack to hit a target far away. meishack levitates the target towards him and fist pumps it. caranthir casts darkness. the darkness lifts to reveal caranthir, as a wolf, peeing on the target.

ireth suggests areli spars next. areli doesn’t want to, and suggests havi spar instead. havi does NOT want to.

shadrack tells joaquin the group should not use any of the doors on the ground floor. says abendigo has good intuition.

joaquin asks all 3 of the brothers out for dinner???

[shad]: i don't trust them
[ashley]: you trust lia. always
[shad]: shut up

joaquin invites everyone else to the dinner. ireth and havi go to the library. ireth is looking for books about eastern elf tribes. she finds some about the magic of her tribes and briefly mentions the tattoos, but nothing else. she wants to steal them, but havi reminds her he has his magikindle. (a device you can scan books into and read later)

havi realizes he has a book in his kindle that might be relevant to ireth’s interests. she sits and reads it. havi stops by the bank to withdraw some money – there’s a lot less than he was anticipating. they return to wherever they’re staying.

[kayla]: that was fast!
[kayla]: i was probably navigating

havi asks tanum what he did with the money in their savings account.

tanum: hi!

tanum: what's up!!

havi: remember when you ... did the whole thing where you

tanum: the whole thing where iiiiiii
havi: sold all of our stuff?
tanum: yeah?
havi: yeah uh, i'm just wondering ... did you put the money into your bank account?
tanum: yup! do you need some? i mean we should probably do that while we're here ...
ireth: you guys don't SHARE a bank account?
tanum: we don't - why would we share a bank account?? it's not! like!! we're MARRIED or anything!!!
ireth: i mean, close enough
tanum: what's THAT supposed to mean
havi: ANYWAY
tanum: what do you mean!!!
ireth: we'll talk about this later
tanum: wait WHAT

ireth leaves the room to go talk to philip.

havi: anyway i'm here to grab you for dinner
havi: EVERYBODY'S having dinner
tanum: okay ...

a little later, ireth whispers to havi.

ireth: are you sure he's not going to embarrass you?
havi: *message* what do you mean?
ireth: what
tanum: i know i'm not really great at magic but i can still tell when people are talking about me!!!

areli tries to reconcile with shadrack. he’s having none of it. areli casts command oh him to be nicer and stop making him look bad in front of his brothers. shadrack sits down and pulls up a chair for areli to sit down.

areli has a conversation with abendigo in which abendigo warns areli not to go near water. he goes to talk to joaquin.

areli: what's that kid's deal
ireth: i think he predicts the future
ireth: i remember a comment on people's deaths
ireth: something about how it's not fun knowing when people die
ireth: okay so we're not gonna go near water

areli notices abendigo giggling in the corner. he storms back over. meishack steps between them and distracts areli by asking him to play a song.

havi: *message* let's judge people together

after chitchatting in an awkward circle, they all get ready for their mission. areli wants to bring his horse. we say no because it’s a stealth mission.

[ben]: sans horse--
[shad]: who?

havi hands tanum a book before leaving. 1:13:55

tanum: what is this
havi: you should read up while i'm gone.
tanum: hhhhhhhhhhhh
tanum: alright i'll read it. for you

havi kisses tanum on the cheek again. there’s a single sparkle.

they head to the weapons cache. they can see someone on top of the building, patrolling. caranthir can tell there are enchantments on the building. he casts air walk and walks up to the second floor.

[emily]: can you unwolf just a hand
[emily]: can you be a wolf with people hands

havi attempts to combine the message and the command spell, the first time he’s played with spells in this way in combat.

everyone climbs up onto the building. the group sneakily incapacitates everyone.