haircuts & dresses


[ashley]: i want to give philip a haircut too
[kayla]: what does it look like now?
[ashley]: 2009 pete wentz
[kayla]: do you think i just KNOW--

joaquin reads up on current events. litor and quarmar tensions are very high. council meetings have been more frequent.

joaquin speaks with the archmage, explaining what we know so far. he explains how they met the cult of sorrows, but joaquin sees olin in the corner of his eye. and then he’s gone. the doors close. joaquin keeps speaking. he notices felicity behind him – and then she is gone. joaquin gives the archmage the cult of sorrows ring he has and the mage puts it in a locked chest. joaquin sees clint and meekus chatting in the corner. joaquin asks why he keeps seeing imagesr.

the archmage tells joaquin about hallister, a mage that his mentor knew, who got kicked out of the college.

joaquin asks if the archmage can do anything to fix tanum’s curse. he merely says tanum must follow his own path.

shad: follow your heart
emily: shut UP


[ben]: tanum is asleep
[ben]: it's like, midday
[emily]: why is he asleep
[shad]: he's fuckin' tanum

havi throws a christmas present at a sleeping tanum. 37:38

it’s a frying pan that, when you say the magic words, it transforms into a full cooking set.

tanum: presto ... cooko
tanum: *gives him a hug* thank you havi *smiles & runs to the kitchen*

joaquin gives havi 2 diamonds he bought earlier along with his lock that was keeping the box shut. he xplains what he found out about it and that the archmage has it now. joaquin offers to cut havi’s hair

joaquin: tanum will like it better this way

we hear some doors clattering downstairs. tanum enters the room with some plates and a big package. he hands us all our own packages. tanum had bought ireth a v-neck with jeans

havi’s dress is blue and floor-length. caranthir’s is skin-tight with gold sequins. joaquin’s is black and lacy.

jojo: you know what those would be good for???

jojo: because i got an invitation to a wedding …

shad: man you are going to TOWN on your little lunchbox snacks
shad: you got an apple sauce and a pudding snack and
tim: *sadly* this is my dinner
ben: we can't all afford to eat a WHOLE PINEAPPLE

we all decide we should leave for the wedding soon

[ashley]: i want to give philip a haircut too
[kayla]: what does it look like now?
[ashley]: 2009 pete wentz
[kayla]: do you think i just KNOW--

tanum suggests they all take the fancy new ferry over to quarmar. is curious why tanum knows so much about th is

do you just know boat stuff off the top of your head?

i like to know the travel schedules!

it has not been … uncommon … in the past that i have to … leave a city with short notice

jojo quickly apologizes to tanum about how he’s been treating him.

tim leaves quickly to go get something downstairs. we assume it is an emergency it is not. he is retrieving his two wands.

they all board the ferry. halfway through the journey, we notice a boat speeding towards us. it’s been chased by a sea monster. we recognize it as the s.s. alliteration (beard’s ship) and all groan. we decide to help defeat the sea monster.

[ashley]: *unconvincingly* joaquin is good-aligned now

havi actually casts a real offensive spell. joaquin kills the sea monster. we ride the rest of the way on beard’s ship

havi meets with tanum and tries casting remove curse 1:47:15

joaquin thanks tanum for helping the group. he tells tanum he’s intending to help him with his curse.

joaquin: by the way - are you and havi ACTUALLY dating?
tanum: *turns red* UH NO, no, no, we're-- not
tanum: he doesn't ... he doesn't feel that way about me
joaquin: okay, you can TRY to tell yourself that ...
tanum: no i-- can i tell you something?
tanum: we ... we sorta had a thing a long time ago, but ... i guess havi just, you know, didn't ...
tanum: it didn't really click with him, so he just kinda ... let it go
tanum: and you know, that's ok! that's ok, you know, i'm over that. it was a long time ago
joaquin: oh
joaquin: well

joaquin: do you have any idea how he reacted to you dying?
tanum: which time?
joaquin: the time i killed you
joaquin: he would have done ANYTHING to get you back - he DID do everything he could.
tanum: well, yeah, we're ... we're best friends
tanum: i mean, i know he cares about me ...
joaquin: well. i think it wouldn't hurt to try and talk to him again.
tanum: i don't know about that ...
joaquin: he's not gonna talk to you about it! because he's an idiot
joaquin: also YOU'RE an idiot
tanum: mmmggmmmmmhhhmgmmm
joaquin: also? you know he's trying to look all cute for you, right?
tanum: no, he just looks like that!