the group meets aides, finds a jackalope, enters a garden

the group is traveling through the underdark.

the ceiling is littered with strange crystals. trill flies up to retrieve one. they lick it, sneakily. marsh is the only one who notices.

we approach a river. trill & nikolay insist they can see a boat in the river, but nadira & marsh cannot. nero & angelo also comment saying they can see it, too. we realize it is only visible to those who have died before.

near the water, a figure gives us jerry’s contract & collar. the figure we met was aides, the soul farer. they transport the souls across the river.

after braving some caves & dangerous mushrooms, the group happens upon a forest. to access the forest, marsh nicely asks one of the trees to move for him. it uproots & moves out of their way.

we notice a figure, what looks like a spiritual jackalope with 3 eyes. marsh chases after it.

suddenly, we are approached by 6 drow. they are hostile at first, but marsh attempts to interact with the jackalope, which shocks the drow. they lead us to the “garden”.

in the garden, we meet lady ariel, a minor god of the underdark. her garden is large, beautiful, & healing, just like her. charlewick is waiting for us – he is healed now.

we are introduced to prince anadi, & learn that mylow is actually a dragon.