reed is here, the group robs a bank, envy loses control

monty: nero?
envy: *apprehensive noise*
envy: sir, i told you i was taking a week off.
monty: that’s fine.
monty: we’re not in the office.
envy: *having a crisis*

carmen asks marsh & meryl for boy advice. marsh tells her she needs to be honest with them & explain that she lost her memory. if they really love her, they won’t be mad!

the group needs to figure out how to get the wind stone. it is kept in the lowest level of the bank in pesca, in the agohn vault.

envy is still in pesca & we need to be careful not to run into him because he is still trying to kill trill.

we teleport to trill’s office (in pesca) & trill finds 2 letters written to them from reed (their brother). they open one, & a green smoke wafts out.

suddenly, a shadow is at the door & green smoke is seeping through. trill uses their key to open the door, opening it to the monty safehouse. upon arriving, trill immediately opens the next letter. the same thing happens, except we just open a window & blow the smoke outside.

it doesn’t dissipate, but lingers outside the safehouse windows, getting darker & darker over the hours & eventually turning into a storm. we assume this is just to scare us. it is unsure if envy can hear what we are saying.

the group sends teddy, gutter, & roksana to the bank to retrieve an item from alisa’s vault, that way nikolay can later teleport us to the original location of the item.

teddy, gutter, & roksana return bruised & bleeding, & with reed.

they explain envy had been waiting for them & sent reed (his warlock). they captured him & brought him back, chained up with the anti-demon chains. he is unconscious.

we wake reed up & he whines while trill scolds him. reed had been in envy’s dungeon for [???] weeks. envy can probably hear or see through reed’s eyes, so we try to be vague in what we’re saying. trill says we need to break reed’s contract with envy with the van cleave, but reed doesn’t want to go along with it.

envy promised him magic, something he didn’t have before. also, if his contract is broken, envy will go after their parents/family.

nikolay puts reed to sleep.

the group sends 2rill to whittier to bring trill’s parents/family somewhere safe.

marsh, nikolay, & meryl use the monty key to arrive at dmytro’s house, which has been leveled. uh oh. we’ll tell him later.

from there, they teleport to the lowest level of the bank. they retrieve the stone easily – now they have to get out.

trill, nadira, & carmen teleport to the plaza in front of the bank. trill rolls a 32 to disguise themself as monty, & nadira disguises herself as [???]. envy appears soon after, sensing someone has arrived using the monty keys, but is stopped in his tracks.

he & “monty” exchange awkward conversation where trill attempts to stall for time & dissuade envy from entering the bank.

monty: nero?
envy: *apprehensive noise*
envy: sir, i told you i was taking a week off.
monty: that’s fine.
monty: we’re not in the office.
envy: *having a crisis*

envy eventually sees through trill’s disguise & gets angry, transforming into something more black & spooky than we’ve seen before. nadira attempts to cast calm emotions, but he has no emotions to calm.

trill tries to talk envy down, but azazel’s voice is heard instead. we realize azazel is beginning to take control of envy’s body.

trill takes 92 damage & is briefly hit with envy’s emotions before calling for monty’s aid.

marsh, nikolay, & meryl have little issue exiting the bank. the staff is much too busy fighting off the new spooky black tentacles threatening to null their magic. dwayne shows concern, & marsh asks him if he can make himself smaller to fit inside his bag. dwayne refuses, stating they must protect each other, & transforms into a cloak/cape around marsh. that’s fine too

meryl uses the power of the wind stone & BLIPS them up & out of the bank

monty & honestly arrive in their battle armor. monty sticks azazel/envy in a magic circle/hourglass & holds him momentarily. marsh & carmen enter the circle with the van cleave & van guard.

inside, they see a totally normal looking nero phost chained to the ground in a fetal position. he is breathing, but not conscious.

carmen doesn’t hesitate to stab nero through the chest with the van guard, but marsh does as he looks down at the boy. after encouragement from carmen, he stabs him with the van cleave.

they are transported back outside the circle, & envy is no longer taken over by azazel. he is passed out & monty walks over to him, thanking the group & announcing he will be bringing nero back to his office. nero begins to turn green again.

monty: *walks over to envy & leans down*
monty: nero? nero, how are you feeling?
envy: *groaning*

a crowd starts to form

honestly: oh you're so dramatic