the garden is peculiar, moren is pissed, ariel explains a great power

in the garden, marsh & nikolay spend time observing the plants & animals. there is a magic pool in the center – it’s curious some plants are able to survive around such potent magic.

they meet halice, a user of soul magic who was eventually turned to stone. they can still move, but very slowly.

prince anadi shows up with moren, the sorcerer we fought to get into the garden. she is not pleased with us.

we meet tenor & wraith, a drow with a pet snake. they are both very spooky.

we find out prince anadi is unaware of the material plain, thus has not experienced weather. marsh makes it snow for them.

lady ariel tells us about the ceremony to awaken soul magic. soul magic is a great power, but there are prices to using it. we know its power could solve both angelo & nero’s problems.