nero is a fucking furry

issa visits home, hannelore puts on a concert, nero gets bit

issa: do you want a new pet worm???
revengeance: i KNOW where to find worms

issa’s brother visits and insists they come visit their family. issa’s new god eilistraee is iffy about that because issa promised her that they wouldn’t go back down to drowtown. she gives issa a ring, which obviously marks them as a cleric of this eilistraee, and sort of asks them to commit to the whole thing. they take it.

issa visits their family, but can only visit for 12 hours a day. they cover their ring and hide the marking of eilistraee, as their family are avid worshippers of lolth. issa doesn’t tell their family about their new clerical duties.

rico has been putting effort into locating where the black sun false prophet is, but without getting to know the guy too well since nero & issa want to be “good” and “not kill anyone” or whatever

sophia is also interested in said information, despite not being apart of the deal, because it lines up with some history she has with someone named riggs, who threatened to kill her if she talked about him. she thinks there is some kind of overlap here but can’t go into too much detail.

rico has been decorating his temple. tuesdays are open mic poetry nights. people don’t believe it’s actually a temple, but just a cool hangout

revengeance is secretly attempting to locate vivianne because he’s in the market for new work.

issa: do you want a new pet worm???
revengeance: i KNOW where to find worms

nero attends his scheduled conference with the dean of the college regarding his internship with rico (which he didn’t do so hot with). he walks in on rico fucking her on the desk. nero squeaks an apology before slamming the door shut and turning invisible.

rico: terribly sorry nero - we can start our meeting now!
nero: u-- uh umm n-no i'm, i-- i can come back in a few, hours-- in, in-- tomorrow
nero: i can come back tomorrow

he submits a letter to the dean indicating he’s going to take the semester off for Personal Reasons … and maybe mentions his discomfort regarding what he walked in on.

later nero is able to find references to the black sun in various demonology books. he’s able to determine the black sun has been spending lot of time on the material plane gathering power. it’s hard to pin down any other consistencies.

we all go to a concert. hannelore is playing some of her romantic melodies. a fight starts to break out. suddenly a mosh pit kills everyone. we wake up in a hospital with no memory of the fight.

apparently we’re under quarantine. we were checked into the hospital the night before with various injuries from concert, but one of us had apparently wreaked havoc on the hospital the night before. they won’t let us leave without figuring out who is responsible. the havoc consists of large slashes on the wall outside, deep into the wall, caused by blade or claws.

issa believes hannelore might be to blame for this, having been the bard at the concert, but she declines her involvement. we talk to the other two patients who were admitted to the hospital the night before.

the halfling, martha, was admitted with a dislocated shoulder and bruising. the high elf was admitted with lacerations and a broken ankle. the elf also tells us about someone who looked kind of scummy and that they were the one who started the fight. they had a jacket kind of like revengeace’s.

revengeance asks if he can go outside to buy a hot dog because he wants to talk to steevo, the hot dog vendor. steevo has known to be a contact within the criminal underground for revengeance. revengeance asks if steevo knows about a man wearing a gold or bronze jacket. steevo knows about a new gang in town who might be good at polymorphing. they wear bronze jackets.

we continue to question the two patients, and hannelore casts zone of truth. they become hostile, and after repeatdely questioning the halfling about whether or not she has the capability to shapeshift, she transforms into a giant rat and scurries out of the room. chasing her, rico casts wall of fire to block her off and we restrain her on a hospital bed. she talks to us. telling us that yes she had been at the concert and yes she can transform into a beast, but she didn’t do the damage in the hospital.

she explains a rival pack of werewolves had attacked her and her wererat gang the night before in an attempts to claim their territory. we learn there’s a turf war going on between the wererats and the werewolves.

we get a sinking feeling and run to check our own hospital charts.

sophia: oh dear ... nero, can i talk to you for a moment?
nero: UH
nero: WHY
nero: i mean sure but is everything okay why do you need to what does it say is everything alright am i okay i'm okay right

he’s not okay! his chart states he had been admitted to the hospital with a bite wound. he is handed a silver ring to test his lycanthropy and it burns him. he starts hyperventilating.

rico, having a werewolf in his band, knows this can actually be cured by remove curse – a spell that sophia has. sophia casts it on him, as well as the other two patients who had also been bitten the night before. nero is no longer a werewolf (cool)

now we have the problem of the werepeople turf war. revengeance decides to visit his crime boss and propose an idea. if they can team up with the wererats to drive out the werewolves, that could be a powerful ally-ship.

rico visits his bandmate, wolfgang, and asks where we might be able to find this gang of werewolves. he’s hesitant to get involved (doesn’t want to make any enemies) but tells us their general whereabouts.

we confront the werewolf pack and demand that they apologize for attacking the wererat gang AND for turning someone without their consent. we also demand they pay for the hospital damages. they begrudgingly agree

is this it i forgot how it ended