Lunar resorts, suite #105 (Talmage & Bishop’s room) Saturday night @ 2 a



Talmage can’t sleep. He can’t sleep and he’s bored and he can’t stop thinking about *everything*.


The room is dark. Talmage fidgets, adjusting his position a few times. He stares up at the ceiling.


“So I was talking to Luci earlier.”



Ideally, Bishop would have been asleep by now. Ideally he would have been asleep hours ago, actually.


He’d spent a little extra time getting comfortable now that he could put his wings away, but now just wished he went to his default comfortable position and went to sleep. But now he was still awake, and it would be rude to ignore talmage. After all maybe this was important? Maybe Talmage was having feelings or something and needed to talk them out.


Bishop didn’t move or open his eyes.


“uh huh?”



“And there was this dude— this big dude? A prince? Who apparently is also a— one’a you.”


He lets that hang before quickly adding, “*A Solis*, or whatever.” His tail thumps against the side of the bed.



“ Theodore? “ Bishop sounds a little more awake. He shifted and rolled over to peek an eye open at Talmage.


“The younger Calloway mentioned him…why, was something wrong? Is Luci okay? None of the Solis things should effect him…”



“Oh, no, it’s fine, he’s fine,” Talmage insists, still looking at the ceiling.


“It was just weird … seeing him. Like a mini-you. Though maybe you’re the same size, I couldn’t really tell.”



Bishop relaxes a little once he realizes he had tensed up.


“oh. So he wasn’t like…doing anything, it was. you just saw him??” there’s a pause


“Wait you saw him?? How did you see him??” Bishop sits up a little



“Ah.” *Right*. “It’s— he’s not like, *here*, I have— uh.” He pauses, not sure if explaining that he got the mirror as a *gift* would make him feel more or less stupid about the whole thing.


“I made something so I can talk with them,” he mumbles quickly.



“Oh, okay. That is really cool, Talmage. That’s impressive to make something for so far away. “


Bishops still trying to figure out where this was going, but yeah, sure. Talmage made some rings to communicate with Luci, figuring out probably some…illusion magic? linked with that? Probably?? That doesn’t seem that far off.


“So…” Bishop is fully sitting up on the bed now, moving his tail lazily back and forth across the bed. “ If Theodore wasn’t doing something…bad, was he doing something….good?”



The undeserved praise sits weird in his chest.


“He wasn’t doing anything— *anything*, really, I don’t know. He was just there. I think he’s training Luci or something.”



“Oh…o..kay. “


Bishop sits there and looks at Talmage. He’s realizing that maybe Talmage was just. Talking. And this wasn’t some urgent anything, so he starts to lay back down. It’s 2am and they just got done fighting frogs.


“ It’s good to know somewhere up north Solis and Calloway can be friends. I’m sure this Theodore is strong, so Luci training with him will probably help him. “



“Yeah, yeah … probably,” Talmage agrees absently.



Bishop nods a little bit, and after a good few seconds of silence settles back down in the bed to go to sleep. 2am isn’t a great bedtime but, they’ve stayed up later during missions. This was fine. It’s fine. He starts to doze back off.



“So why didn’t you bring Kairos along?” Talmage asks just as Bishop begins falling asleep.



Talmage can see Bishop give a big sigh, as he was almost asleep. His tail flicks back and forth a little irritated as he rolls over onto his back.


“ Because we are currently at a Vale Hotspot where there are people being Murdered, and I just cost Kairos all of his magic. It would have been.. It wouldn’t have been safe.


“ Bishop is watching Talmage again, trying to see if he can gauge if thats enough of an answer to let him go to sleep.



Talmage turns to look back at Bishop’s glowing eyes. They‘re creepy in the dark, but not so much at such a close distance. “Buuut it’s not because you guys are, like …” He gestures vaguely.



Bishop stares at him for a second.


“ Are what?”



“Like … fighting? Or whatever?” He’s trying to look as innocent as possible.



Bishop pinches the bridge of his nose, laying back so he’s facing the ceiling again.


“We’re not…I don’t know. It’s….we’re . It’s complicated. We are not fighting, there is just a lot of things that have happened to everyone recently, and everyone is on edge. Him and I are still at zero. “



Talmage purses his lips.


“Zero, like … so you … aren’t … like … fucking? Right?” He squints at Bishop, not sure if that’s the right word; but what other word could there possibly be??



He goes from pinching the bridge of his nose to covering his face with his hand. It’s hard to tell if it’s from annoyance of embarrassment, but it’s probably both. It’s absolutely both.


“No, Talmage. We aren’t. I think you of anyone would be aware of that, considering, “



“I’m just curious if you’re, like, on the *market* or not,” Talmage says, a little defensive. And then he squints again.


“Wait, what does *that* mean.”



Bishop sighs again and pushes himself up onto his elbows. “ I was trying to…when you told Gwynfor I was his god. That whole situation. I…You certainly did not help the situation. “ He sits the rest of the way. “Also, if you’re trying to hook up with someone I would recommend probably not leading with their..” Bishop pauses because he realizes he doesn’t know what they…were? are? “…ex? at 2am. “ “Besides, aren’t you and Luci…Something?”



Talmage purses his lips further as the puzzle pieces start to slot together. Hm, what is this feeling. Guilt? Luckily, the Luci comment brings him back to his senses.


“It— works *sometimes* okay, *jeez*,” he snaps, defending his strategy. “I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on any toes – sorry for being *courteous.*” He crosses his arms in bed before rolling onto his side, away from Bishop.


“And no, we’re not. He’s not … he doesn’t like guys. It’s not important.” Talmage still doesn’t *believe* that, but he’s not about to admit to Bishop that Luci just Isn’t That Into Him.



Bishop blinks a couple times,


“…But he….didn’t he, at that party… He’s not into guys? He deepthroats swords. “



Talmage covers his ears and groans angrily.


“Yeah, I *fucking* know he does, okay? He— told me after— I don’t know, he’s not— interested.” *In me.* “In that.” *Like that.* “Apparently.”


God, it all sounds *really* pathetic when said out-loud, huh.



Should have just let Bishop sleep.


Bishop rubs his forehead. Oh. He scoots a little to lead back against the headboard and tentatively pats Talmages shoulder. “I’m sure that…He. Hasn’t had a lot of time to. Figure himself out? At the very worst, you guys will be real good friends” Bishop hesitates and cringes a little internally. If someone gave him that to comfort him it. That’s not the best. “ He’s off doing a lot of learning about himself right now. I’m sure you two can. Talk it out — I mean you gave him. a ring?? He’s gotta know, right”



God he was getting *pity shoulder pats* when all he wanted was some dick. *Metaphor for his fucking life.*


“The ring wasn’t supposed to be— it wasn’t *my* idea, also it was sort of *funny*, I don’t— IT WAS SO WE COULD TALK, OKAY— god, he like *wears* it too, *aughHHHH*—“


Talmage aggressively ruffles his own hair and kicks around on the bed before going limp.


“He told me he was straight and then blew me. Who does that. *Who does that*.”



“ Not straight boys. No straight boy does that, in that order. Maybe the other way around?? But not…no. “


He pats a couple more times before reaching over to straighten the cover out, since now Talmage has kicked it out everywhere. God, maybe Kairos wasn’t too far off with that Promise Ring comment.


“ I would try not to. stress about it too much while he is training with the other Calloways. And if you need to talk about boy problems, I’m all ears. I feel like that might make you feel better than hookups. ”



Talmage groans again, rolls over, and crams his face into his pillow. The blanket comes with him.


“They can’t make things *worse*,” he mutters into the cushion.



Bishop sighed. Well, Talmage can go ahead and think that. “Okay, well, If you say so. “ He has to scoot over a little now that Talmage has rolled over with the blanket.

“ Goodnight. “



(they DO end up cuddling tho)