nero phost (all stars)

AGE | BIRTHDAY  18 | July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | demisexual biromantic
BODY  5’6″ | well-fed | soft boy | black bowlcut | teeny lil brows

RACE  quarter-elf
CLASSES  wizard (illusion)
PROFESSION  student (taking a break) | intern at Rico’s bar | for-hire
ALIGNMENT  lawful good

VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani 
ZODIAC  Cancer


is indebted to an evil presence … seems to see nothing wrong with spreading lies :/

it’s a bad omen when he comes to town because fiends may be following him…!!!

has never read a book 🙁

is extremely trusting and naive. went to school for 17 years – recently graduated!

is part goliath … eats humans?????

nadira k
is hard to pin down into long term plans

nadira r
knows the dance choreography to current hit songs by heart

was kicked out of his family for his deformity

nero interned for him briefly until rico fucked the dean of nero’s college. is secretly in a relationship with all his bandmates without them knowing …!!! 

upholds the law. was so stubborn she almost singlehandedly ended corruption in the church she apprenticed at

saw the face of his god in a storm and it changed him

has a dragon familiar. works at waterdeep times. didn’t go to school. has an evil ex-girlfriend who wants to become a god

more information

aukahat-maker & fashionista. she can hold her alcohol & will not hesitate to punch you if you mess with her little brother. she’s getting married!

harvarsuper white bread boring paladin man. super nice, just super basic



bekkylauka’s assistant

more information

ciera mackalohad a crush on nero as kids.
when she confessed he got super weird & stopped talking to her.
what a dick!

leelah carsonhis favorite professor
aunt/nephew sort of relationship

keysley de vriesnero’s RIVAL …
has great hair. snippy

linnea viarytall & clumsy as HELL

turner augustenecromancy art student
probably does slam poetry

nero’s a stupid fucking idiot

– NOT a rulebreaker
– seeks out ways to learn new things
– introverted
– great vocabulary
– realistically optimistic, though recently he’s become very nervous and paranoid

– cats & dogs
– taking walks
– reading
– card games
– learning new magic

– loud noises
– open spaces
– small spaces
– spaces
– places
– unmarked paths

– VERY good at magic
– can sway people to see his side of the story

– do not ask him to do anything illegal

  • mom
  • human
  • writes books about making your life easier (using magic in interesting ways, using certain herbs and spices medicinally, unique cookbooks, tips n tricks)
  • is showing signs of sickness but tries to cover it up 🙁
nuut (pronounced “newt)
  • dad
  • half-elf
  • banker (not top of the line but one of the fairly important people at their town’s central bank)
  • hates the government apparently


Labelle, Phost, Lexington, Nightengale, Amberlin, Dorrian and Sunnfelds

  • like the 7 families are more in name more than like actual political authority. the name generally gives people a little bump in getting better jobs because they’re so well known
  • it isn’t like an official thing, but all the families know of each other
  • of course nero’s has been slipping a lil bit after his parents aint really doing too much important shit and you’re father refusing to be master of coin, he’s a mediocre banker in the suburbs living off family money
  • but there was a lot of hope for auka, and then even more when nero showed remarkable magical abilities like his grandparents
  • grandparents basically co-held liberty lexington’s position
  • but auka has always been pretty business minded and was going to be a pretty big deal but then met her husband and slowed down for him
  • so the 7 families were very influential in helping when solendale and silistone split apart

one day Nero was snatched away while walking home for the evening. he was taken somewhere unfamiliar by an unknown group of people, and was given a command.

he was instructed to join the group in charge of escorting prince Lesley to the neighboring kingdom so he could marry their princess & bring peace to the two kingdoms. but he was instructed to not let prince lesley reach his destination.

they roughed him up (general bruising + a lost tooth) and then let him go. nero, unsure what to do but knowing he couldn’t let his sister get hurt, ran back home to gather his things and then leave on his new journey.