havi miniti

AGE | BIRTHDAY  45 – 232 | January 18 (Thesaurus Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | bisexual
BODY  6’1″ | forgets to eat

RACE  half-elf
CLASSES  cleric (knowledge) | wizard (artificer)
DEITIES  Boccob | Monty???
PROFESSIONS  Owner of Machault Occult
(magic item pawn shop)
First Administrator & Manager of Classified Creations
of His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
ALIGNMENT  neutral good | true neutral

VOICE | FACE  David Hyde Pierce | N/A
ZODIAC | M-B  Capricorn/Aquarius cusp | INTP

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as for how they STAYED friends; credit for that goes to Tanum. Havi is VERY introverted and doesn’t reach out to people, so he doesn’t make friends super easily (nor wants to) – but Tanum is SUPER good at GETTING IN YOUR FACE and forcing friendship to happen; he’s good at figuring out what other people like to talk about, what they don’t like to talk about, talking about THEM (unless they don’t want to), being interested in THEM, etc. he’s a people person. he likes making them happy. it’s cute. (he also loves throwing parties)

anyway Havi is MUCH easier to open up to people when

1) the person is actually interesting
2) THEY are making an effort to talk to HIM

& that’s why they’re friends; even though outwardly / socially they’re drastically different.

to anyone who wasn’t stupid, it was extremely obvious Tanum had a HUGE crush on Havi. Havi knew about this since the beginning, but always chose to ignore it due to not wanting to affect their Super Awesome Friendship + believing that Tanum deserved someone much better than him.

HOWEVER, at some point in their late teens, the two had a bit of a fling … except Havi literally pretended that it never happened because he was too scared to address it. (there was alcohol involved, so obviously he just got … SOOOO DRUNK HE JUST … DIDN’T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED HAHA … CRAZY … RIGHT)

this happened a few more times (spread across the next ten years) all with the same results. though they were so few and far between, neither of them ever addressed it.

at around ages 18, Havi and Tanum decided to run away together. Havi didn’t want all the responsibility of running his dad’s temple (which was what he was supposed to do) and Tanum couldn’t see himself anywhere other than at his best friend’s side.

so they just … up and left. with no warning or confrontation.

(you’ll soon find this is a running theme with Havi)

Arnam didn’t mind so much because at that point in his life he was dealing with ~*~important Litor council stuff~*~ and didn’t have much time to hang out w/ them anymore. they had already started drifting by the time Havi & Tanum moved on but it’s fine, really, no bad blood. they said their goodbyes & stuff. it’s all good.

THESE THREE all grew up together on the outskirts of Litor.


their dynamic was … weird. Arnam was always a lil bitch and liked to brag about how well-off he was and it pissed Tanum off bc Tanum was dirt poor. but they were still all friends?? Arnam and Tanum just sort of. hated each other sometimes. but they both really liked Havi (which sort of fueled their rivalry) so they all stuck together.
at around 14 years old, Arnam seemed to become more of an asshole, but it was blamed on puberty. this is important later.

these two get along so well mostly because of their similar interests (weird magic, magic items, THE UNKNOWN forbidden things … that’s why Arnam was their friend, too.)












years of stealing magic items eventually earned Havi connections with certain groups – one being Litor’s thieves’ guild. at one point he hired a thief to get certain item for him (as he wasn’t exactly the … best at snatching them for himself, if there was high security risk)

the thief he hired was named Meril, and she showed interest in the items Havi requested she snag. and we all know how Havi gets when people ask about his magic shit

so they hit it off fairly well! and Havi kept returning to Meril for jobs that needed to be done. as you could expert, Tanum and Meril became good friends. (Tanum tried getting Meril to put in a good word for him at the thieves’ guild; but every time he mentioned it, she would burst into laughter and the conversation wouldn’t go any further. he was always v salty about this)

after a month or so, Meril asked Havi out. he was 25, and this was his first Real Relationship – which made it not the Best one. their relationship wasn’t bad (they had a lot of fun together, really) but Havi wasn’t super quick to open up – emotionally nor intimately – which caused some problems. he eventually proved too boring for Meril’s exciting lifestyle, and they broke up after almost a year.

the split wasn’t messy, but they aren’t exactly close friends anymore. they would still see each other on occasion, but Havi’s jobs for Meril trickled to a halt. eventually Havi stopped his pursuit of magical items via thievery, and he started focusing more on his magic studies than acquiring cool magic things he wasn’t allowed to own.

there’s actually a fanfiction that beautifully covers this relationship from start to finish.








Havi was born with a stick up his ass, has always carried the general disposition of a crotchety old man, and has lost every physical contest with every child he’s engaged with.

He’s self-centered and cowardly, but extremely invested in magical studies. While these studies are generally for self-interest only, he does occasionally make grand discoveries new to the magical world.

Havi is a cleric, but he only became a cleric because his parents wanted him to. (they’re both super talented clerics who run their own temple), and by the time Havi realized he wasn’t super Into the whole thing, it was too late for a career change.

he’s like that atheist kid whose parents are religious as hell so he still has to go to church & pretends like he gives a shit (EXCEPT it’s D&D where gods ARE real, so he’s just Generally Disinterested in the pantheon as a whole). WHICH IS ACTUALLY OKAY! because the god he eventually chose to worship is Boccob, who literally does not give a fuck if you worship him or not; just so long as you are pursuing knowledge of magic and acquisition of cool magical items.

he actually went 45 years without speaking directly to his god, which is definitely kind of weird for a cleric. he also has like, the bare minimum to worship him; a shitty altar hidden in a closet under the stairs that he mumbles at every once in awhile.

so Havi & Tanum moved out and decided to get their own place outside of central Litor. & they just … lived their lives for a while, doing small jobs for money, Tanum had a garden so they could feed themselves, etc. it was nice, quaint, and they had fun. it was as fun as the first year of living with your best friend could be.

eventually, after a few years of settling down, their little house in the middle of nowhere became a sort of hub for cool magic junk.

it started out as just a personal collection, but word started getting out within the magical community of things they had on-hand, services they could offer, etc. Havi was a cleric so could offer remedies & such, and eventually their item collection & library grew so large they started running an actual trading post / pawn shop.

people would come in and trade cool stuff for other cool stuff. they got to see a lot of really unique things and make a lot of other people happy and spread knowledge

(they also stole some of the items from people Havi believed didn’t deserve them)