nero phost

AGE | BIRTHDAY  24-25 | July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | demisexual panromantic
BODY  5’6″ | fed well | soft
white bowlcut | black roots | black teeny brows | gray-blue eyes
missing tooth | claw scar on chest | arm condition (occasionally acts on its own)

RACE  quarter-elf
CLASSES  wizard (illusion) | rogue
PROFESSIONS  one of the 7 Virtues (Chastity)
ALIGNMENT  lawful good

VOICE | FACE  LilyPichu as Sejuani | N/A
ZODIAC  Cancer

FAMILY  Auka | Harvar
FRIENDS  Julian | ToivoDmytro (ex-bf) | Ciera | Laurent | Jasper
STUDY GROUP  Keysley | Linnea | Turner
  Aidan | Elliot (rival) | Lesley (🙃) | Monty (???)


illusions ★ stars ★ books ★ paranoia ★ invisibility

intelligent ✓ excitable ✓ honest

Having graduated at the top of his class, Nero is known for his illusory magic. He’s very family-oriented, not a huge risk-taker, and will not hesitate to report you to the authorities.

In his adventures, he almost lost the most important person to him – his sister. And while things have returned to normal, Nero has found it hard to lower his suspicions – remaining slightly anxious and paranoid about pretty much everything.

paranoid ✗ selfless ✗ goody-two-shoes

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