nero phost (forfeit)

AGE | BIRTHDAY  25 – 50 | July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
IDENTITY  he/him | antiromantic
BODY  5’6″ | eating worse | cannot die
black styled hair | sapphire streak | teeny brows | sapphire eyes
missing tooth | claw scar on chest | orange glasses | orange fanny pack

RACE  quarter-elf
CLASSES  wizard (illusion) | wizard (forfeit) | warlock (Monty)
PATRON  His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
of His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
babysitter (Lee)

ALIGNMENT  lawful good | lawful neutral

VOICE | FACE  LilyPichu as Sejuani | N/A
ZODIAC  Cancer

FAMILY  Auka | Harvar | Winter
  Monty (patron) | Lee (boss’s son) | Toivo (research partner) | Julian | Laurent
Elliot (It’s Complicated)


gradients ★ sapphire ★ orange ★ pentagrams ★ vaping
that silent acceptance stage in mourning

powerful ✓ nostalgic ✓ systematic

Saving the world comes with a heavy price – Nero sacrificed his ability to feel love for anything, or anyone, ever again. In exchange, he was given untold magical power. He won’t tell you he regrets his decision, because that would be admitting he was wrong. (But he does.)

Nero spends his time working for his patron, doing odd jobs and inventing new magical items; (see: Heelys) researching true love with his old friend Toivo in hopes of finding some way to reverse his sorry state, and babysitting the child of an angel and a demon.

pessimistic ✗ resentful ✗ selfless

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