caranthir realizes his destiny, tanum cooks breakfast, everyone jumps in a hole

tanum: *grabs havi's hand*
tanum: well ... it's the thing to do, i guess!

jamal: you're the one i've been looking for!!!

everyone has to roll a wisdom save. everyone but caranthir, ireth, & havi fall asleep.

jamal: i had always suspected ... but now it's confirmed

he is implying caranthir shares ancestry with drow. clipping his ears revoked his wood elf traits. jamal is described as a drow with pink tattoos on his face and arms, also with clipped ears. he offers to help caranthir realize his destiny. jamal implies that meekus brought him here. he tells us to meet him at the chasm.

caranthir asks havi what the group is going to do with tanum. caranthir suggests bringing him to the mage’s college, but havi is worried tanum is not (mentally) stable enough. they both realize tanum is … missing.

caranthir: i mean like ... i was planning on ditching him anyway
caranthir: dropping truth bombs here
havi: *groans*
havi: i mean, he's not your problem

the rest of the group wakes up.

havi: so tanum ... isn't anymore
jojo: what. he's missing???
ireth: what did you ... do to him?
havi: *flinches*
havi: i don't know, i don't even know if he's himself anymore ... if he's still ... whatever he was before
joaquin: but who would he have to go talk to?
havi: i don't know, i haven't ... talked to him in 2 years

the group decides they need to head to the mage’s college anyway to get xavia to translate a book. philip wants to come with to get new books. on the way downstairs, we find out tanum had just been in the kitchen, cooking us breakfast. [x]

jojo is apprehensive to eat … he still doesn’t trust him.

jojo: is it poisoned?
tanum: *picks up a fork, making eye contact with jojo*
tanum: *tries to stab some eggs but misses*
tanum: *stabs some eggs and eats them*

we find out lia & tanum both worked for the cult, tanum doing smaller jobs like find magical artifacts and lia as a higher up to report back to

tanum: and havi, i can't ... i'm sorry for what i did
tanum: i wanna say that i can't do something like that to you, but i did.
tanum: i don't have an excuse, i don't have an explanation

havi: so ... you're sure you're okay ..?
tanum: well ... as okay i CAN be, havi :)

we find out the cult of sorrows knows we have the ankh.

the group travel’s to the mage’s college.

they find xavia at the library. jojo asks her to translate the book deeri had – tanum’s name is in it. he’s listed as a magic item dealer, lists his condition, that he’s been helpful acquiring items, and that he’s easily-manipulated (kayla: “and he’s freaking adorable”)

tanum: you have put my heart at rest
everyone: HA HAAAA
tanum: WINK!!!

caranthir sits and reads his drow book.

havi: so i'm going to assume that you sold all of our stuff to the cult.
tanum: yeah..... i- i- i- did- i did do that.....
havi: how do you ... how do you feel about that. do you think that was a good idea.
tanum: i mean ... in RETROSPECT--

philip approaches havi sneakily, revealing he stole paper for him. jojo, joaquin, & havi go shopping to buy philip some cool flame armor. he almost cries upon receiving it and runs to put it on.

havi visits an enchanter to get his canesword to do immobilization magic. joaquin tries to get lindsay’s pistol back  (the one he sold) and fails

OFF TO THE CHASM! everyone is hesitant to jump down this big fucking hole

tanum: *grabs havi's hand*
tanum: well ... it's the thing to do, i guess!

tanum charms jojo enough to convince him to jump, too. joaquin remains.

tanum runs over to between joaquin and the hole, and curls into a ball behind his legs. jojo casually chats with joaquin before pushing him right into the hole LMFAO

everyone is falling

they land in the dwarven plane! a wolf approaches them, who turns into a drow. he looks at jamal & caranthir and implies an upcoming battle.