AGE | BIRTHDAY  50+ | March 20th (Earth Day/Spring Equinox/Extraterrestrial Abductions Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | demisexual panromantic
BODY  5’2″ | emaciated | scrapes & bruises
what are shoes | eye mouth

RACE  drow
CLASSE  druid (underdark) | ranger (swamp) | phoenix (?)
PROFESSION  royal escort, savior of like. the world
ALIGNMENT  chaotic good

ZODIAC  Pisces/Aries cusp
  Chris Parson as Junkrat (but softer)


friend turned demigod turned rock turned egg turned phoenix

trillfun & rowdy!!!
will take risks with him

nadiranice on the inside …
but worries too much!

nikolayknows EVERYTHING!!!

angeloturns things gold!!!


we cloned him!!!
also he has a weird arm?


devoniusalso green

was in one of marsh’s classes in primary school. got paired together for the first partner project. vi wasn’t SUPER pleased about it at first but then learned he was interesting to talk to & fun to work w/ if done the right way.


sister – wants 2 fight in tournaments !!!! also v hands-on n physical, fighter type


one of the cats that aided him as a kid & his first like, real friend lmao. is super dead now


mom – very harsh and tends to say things w/o sugarcoating it. cares deeply for her family but more about her family image


dad – writes & illustrates children’s storybooks. mostly retelling of existing stories but some he makes up on his own to teach lessons

Marsh wears clothes he found in the trash & just wants to see you smile! his favorite activity is finding cool new animals & asking to ride them.

he lived in various caves for years & started losing bits of his memory (& suffering from a few physical defects) after too much exposure to raw magic. now he has a cool sword that helps him purify nature that has been corrupted by demons. yay!

his best friend is Dwayne, his rock.

Marsh found Dwayne in the mines & Dwayne CALLED TO HIM until Marsh rescued him from a cave squirrel & was instructed to leave this place & search for … something … but he can’t quite remember what it was ……….

his top priority is to always serve Dwayne! make sure Dwayne is satisfied always. maybe kind of figure out what is up with Dwayne but mostly don’t ask too many questions

also to try to remember what Dwayne first asked him to do without having to ask again because Dwayne hates repeating himself

he spent lotta years in the caves exploring & finding cool new animals that looked strange & smelt weird

there was definitely a corrupted magic pool near where he frequented, & sometimes poked at. never messed with it too bad, but his exposure to it & the general solitude took a toll.

his memory got even worse (he doesn’t remember most of the first half of his life), he’s also got this sick mouth where his eye used to be because fuck it i wanted an eye mouth. it doesn’t talk and can’t eat anything but he can store things in it sometimes. it’s not sentient & is something marsh can poorly control like someone who can wiggle their ears

HE’S PRETTY IMPORTANT because he was chosen by someone all-powerful!! & clearly people know that bc whenever they meet him for the first time they look very shocked. it’s very hard to take in i realize, please calm yourselves.

he’s also himself? and it’s silly to not think you are important? this does not make sense to marsh. if someone told marsh they hated themselves he would not understand

  1. (animal/nature-related) magic proficiency at an early age / speaking w/ animals etc
  2. ATTEMPTED training by professionals
  3. “team-building” in the mines
  4. mining on his own for like 10 years. found cool rocks & avoided dying by cave-in & nature
  5. weird magic in the mines makin his magic weird, testing that shit out, kinda just living near the magic for a very long time [magic training pt. 1]
  6. exploring THE WILDERNESS (cave/mine systems, swamps, eventually leaves naimei and roams the dangerous world alone) [magic training pt. 2]
  7. basically fights whatever tries to kill him and wins. a lot of beast fighting. sometimes he’d wrestle big animals to see if he could win, also it’s fun, also killing for fun isn’t smthn he’s interested in

so marsh is weird but he was actually always pretty weird … weird enough that if people who knew him saw him now they’d be like … yeah, you know, i’m not like … SUPER surprised? he had a better handle on his memory (sorta) and kept friends (somewhat) but he mostly was just really hard to get to stay in one place.

he had a “magical awakening” p darn early which filled his parents w/ hope that he’d turn out to be smthn cool, so they put a lot of time & money into trying to grow that magic. but anyone in any kind of teaching or parenting position was really frustrated w/ him. he was v bad at listening, lost focus a lot. comparing it to autism comes to mind?

he eventually became a gold miner … he did that for a while. he worked w/ a specific mining group at first, but right away it was clear he’s bad w/ following orders so he started going off on solo expeditions because then he gets to do things his way and on his own time, he can be as slow or fast as he wants. he learned this was a dangerous way to live, but by now he’d fiddled with magic more. learned to protect himself and sense when things weren’t right with his surroundings. plus his magic felt more exciting in the mines! n the deeper he went the longer he wanted to stay.

he stopped coming home so tbh his parents probably think he’s dead?

innocent delight. wonderment

run boy run
not necessarily running from something, but always on the move

frontier psychiatrist
some birds are funny when they talk!

cotton eye joe
you know that video of the lawn mower flying off into the sky

turn the lights off
eyes of yellow, scales & feathers

preliminary art form
life has so many simple joys!!!

an unhealthy disconcert for his own well-being. take his brain, or what remains

axel f
this is fucking marshcore & no one can tell me otherwise

monkey tree
the trees, caves, & swamps taught him all he needed to know

we like to party! (six flags)
you know that video of the lawn m

cockroach king
i fantasized about flying with golden wings

it CAN get weirder