AGE | BIRTHDAY  ??? | May 23rd
IDENTITY  transfemale | she/her | pansexual
BODY  6′ | skinny | broad-shouldered | flat-chested (most of the time)

RACE  tiefling (red/pink)
CLASS  rogue | warlock (archfey) | warlock (Monty)
DEITIES  (?) | Monty)
PROFESSION  drug ring
ALIGNMENT  true neutral

ZODIAC  Gemini


STR 13 | DEX 23 | CON 12
INT 15 | WIS 15 | CHA 20

LEVEL 6 | HP 30




sugar daddy (not really)


only sometimes useful :/


blind drow with some earrings she REALLY wants

gutterkeeps dying




definitely not a drug dealer

is morbidly-curious about her birth parents (has never met them, doesn’t know the origin/reasoning behind her tiefling bloodline)
she likes to think she’s fine without knowing but deep down it eats up at her a lot. but she still has yet to pursue it … like she could probably track them down if she really tried, but is kind of scared to? make connections. have access to whoever and whatever she needs, whenever she needs it … but without gaining a bad reputation. she’s real good at theiving but is only known to be by the right people, doesnt wanna break her good girl character
she also wants to be needed lmao she wants the power to say no to unimportant people when shes their only hope so theyll beg
important things

child-age -> at least young adult, she had a warlock pact with a minor (?) demon. it took the form of a rat that hung around w/ her
very weak demon bc it DID make a deal w/ a like, dying child in an alley (that or it was one that had a lot of patience and was chill waiting for her to mature and grow stronger)
deal was just to save her life in exchange for like. occasional possesion. once a year for a 24 hour period
kind of a jekyl and hyde situation where she wouldnt know what went on during it & there werent any rules about it like “not allowed to hurt __” she just had to count on the demon not being an asshole. they had a chummy relationship so as far as i know things never went horribly, like, yet
(unsure if this pact was cut or is still goin strong, it HAS been like 200+ years)
same story wrt havi & tanum

coming soon