jericho might be azazel, baby nero is turning into the anti-christ, ambra receives a lantern

monty: he looks at me as though i’ve killed him

marsh explains when they were escaping from azaezal, he heard a voice in his head. it sounded like jerry.

trill summons monty & the two of them, along with ambra, go down to visit jerry’s coffin to check. ambra is still eating her dinner

jerry is there, sleeping peacefully as usual. the drawings we gave them are still hung up.

trill mentions baby nero to monty, who seems melancholy about it. he says nero is turning into the antichrist, & is sad that he regards monty with such fear & distrust.

monty: he looks at me as though i’ve killed him

the 3 of them wake jerry & discuss making a weapon from the fallen star sent by the god nadira, as well as possibly breaking jerry’s contract with death. jerry reminds us if we were to break their contract, they & velvet would lose their memories of before the war of the sun & the moon.

the group discusses what to do. we notice jerry spying on us through our shadows, & talk with them through a ouji board. after discussing jerry’s contract again, we all come to the agreement to terminate the contract.

marsh & trill stab jerry with the van cleave. their eyes turn red & warmth returns to their body. they were an archangel again.

monty & honestly arrive & hug jerry, happy their best friend has returned to them.

ambra meets with the god nadira, lou, as well as artie & easton. artie gives her a lantern, saying it will protect us all from bad dreams.

kamir arrives, bringing magic dirt from velvet & otis. he informs us he works at a bank in pesca now, & knows the whereabouts of the wind stone.