AGE | BIRTHDAY  young adult | N/A
IDENTITY  a good boy | he/him
BODY  black & white fur | bicolored brows | floppy ears
bandana | detective trenchcoat

BREED  border collie
CLASS  fighter
PROFESSIONS  gravedigger | self-employed detective
ALIGNMENT  chaotic good


mystery ★ dog stuff ★ digging ★ trumpets

alert ✓ protective ✓ excitable

Coming from a large family of cemetery workers, Bucket was but a lowly gravedigger. After backseat-driving one too many coronary reports, it became apparent the only thing Bucket was passionate about was how the murders happened, not what to do with the body.

Bucket now works as a self-promoted detective, though he’s not very good at putting the information together in a successful way. Everything has to be a dramatic murder mystery, even if the problem is a simple cat in a tree.

stupid ✗ impulsive ✗ gullible

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