havi miniti

AGE | BIRTHDAY  45 – 232 | January 18 (Thesaurus Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | bisexual
BODY  6’1″ | forgets to eat

RACE  half-elf
CLASSES  cleric (knowledge) | wizard (artificer) | warlock? (Monty)
DEITIES  Boccob | His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
PROFESSIONS  Owner of Machault Occult
(magic item pawn shop)

First Administrator & Manager of Classified Creations
of His Mischievous Montgomery Modestly
ALIGNMENT  neutral good | true neutral

VOICE | FACE  David Hyde Pierce | N/A
ZODIAC | M-B  Capricorn/Aquarius cusp | INTP

FAMILY  Tanum (husband) | Elodie (daughter)
FRIENDS  Joaquin | Jojo | Rodrik | Lenya | Honestly | Bogdan
  ArnamGutterMeril | Monty | Nikolay


eyes ★ taboo magic ★ healing ★ weird trinkets

astute ✓ intelligent ✓ determined

Havi was born with a stick up his ass, has always carried the general disposition of a crotchety old man, and has lost every physical contest with every child he’s engaged with.

He’s self-centered and cowardly, but extremely invested in magical studies. While these studies are generally for self-interest only, he does occasionally make grand discoveries new to the magical world.

evasive ✗ selfish ✗ irritable

appears in
QDND | FOUR | CROWNE • hs au rp • twitter rp

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