Emily Ritchie
Graphic & Web Designer | Illustrator | friend
Saint Paul, MN

Emily is a freelance print & web designer who exhibits at comic conventions across the country. She specializes in illustrative graphic design and enjoys the challenge of tweaking Wordpress until it bends to her will.

2013 - 2017
Graphic Design: Print Media (A.A.S. degree)

This program centered on the place where words meet images, where clear and purposeful communication meets aesthetic impact, & where a range of human needs & desires reside. I received hands-on experience from experienced instructors in a program that opened up a world for me in a fast-paced Graphic Design career.

2013 - 2017
Graphic Design: Web and Interactive Media (A.A.S. degree)

This program to technical and design skills using current industry-standard software and techniques, as well as hands-on training from experienced professional instructors who gave plenty of one-on-one attention.

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
Web Assistant
Office Depot
2013 - 2018
Print Center Specialist

Imagine a normal design job, but with the inevitable chaos retail provides. Here's where I learned the quick & dirty of print design, as well as time & team-management!

the new meme
2011 - current
Freelance Artist

Touring the country, I sell my own artwork & designs on various hand-made & outsourced merchandise! I've learned what sells to my demographic (advertising is important) as well as how to craft a pretty cute display. In addition to at-show sales, I host & run my own online storefront.

Novus Arx, LLC

Designed & maintained most of the website as a whole, as well as controlled distribution of the company's various podcasts. Contributed other things such as promotional illustrations, audio-editing of full episodes, & advertising at events as well as via social media.

Grace Sykes' Memorial Album

Task: To create a memorial album to honor a family's passed loved one. Client supplied me with various photographs to be scanned & cleaned up before being arranged into a custom-designed book. Multiple copies were distributed to friends & family.

Judy Swanholm's Autobiography

Task: To properly lay-out the client's pre-typed autobiography for print, as well as scan & edit original photos for insertion into the book. Multiple copies were distributed to friends & family.

Adobe Creative Suite
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Adobe Creative Suite
After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro
Clip Studio Paint