AGE  50+
IDENTITY  female | she/they
BODY  5’1″

RACE  drow
PROFESSIONS  aesthetician | tarot reader | Naimei landscaper
ALIGNMENT  chaotic neutral

VOICE  xxx
ZODIAC | M-B  ??? | xxx

FRIENDS  Marsh | Kevin

tarot ★ vogueing ★ aesthetics ★ self-empowerment

passionate ✓ intuitive ✓ confident

was in one of marsh’s classes in primary school. got paired together for the first partner project. vi wasn’t SUPER pleased about it at first but then learned he was interesting to talk to & fun to work w/ if done the right way.

grew up to be a landscaper (BUT IN NAIMEI!! idk it’s cool imagine designing the lawns or gardens of naimei. how fuckin weird they must be. hi i’m here to trim the hedge of ur incredibly poisonous plantlife. stuff like ponds n foliage n decorations to make everything look neat … but for drowtown)

believes everyone has a true ~Personal Aesthetic~ and if you can just DISCOVER THAT and PRESENT URSELF IN THAT WAY….you will be so much more confident in yrself, make more money, be more successful, etc. was considering becoming an aesthetician. (probably is by now?) u can get a consultation & theyll do a big study on u and its very Fortune Teller-y, theres tarot readings involved & the whole thing is kinda spiritual? theyre very passionate about and believe v strongly in what they do, no way its a scam and would never even THINK about scamming someone w/ this.

boastful ✗ blunt ✗ enigmatic

appears in

my art