phantom knights: 1-15


  • levi goes to find the tailor that made the suit he got in the mail (presumably sent by ludo)
  • leaving the shop, it begins raining. levi didn’t bring an umbrella (again)
  • he begins his walk back to the academy, but someone steps out of an alley and holds an umbrella over his head (ludo)
  • levi: “why does it always rain every time you show up”
  • ludo wipes a wet strand of hair off levi’s forehead. he suggests they find a private place to talk. levi complies
  • ludo takes levi to “the big bang” bar and lounge, a sultry speakeasy type establishment. ludo apparently already reserved a private booth
  • they sit across from each other. ludo orders BLOOD, which they apparently just HAVE HERE, and asks levi if he wants any. levi does not
  • ludo insists he just wants to talk to levi. this is not a trap. levi seems doubtful
  • levi demands that they set some boundaries. he doesn’t want ludo showing up at his school. ludo complies
  • levi: “you keep giving me things. i don’t know what you want from me. i don’t know what you’re getting out of this.”
  • ludo: “you understand just how much you’ve given me. and that’s why i give back. it’s just an exchange. i feel greedy almost for how much you’ve given me.”
  • levi is confused. ludo slams a hand on the table and rips his glasses off. he apparently no longer needs them, and implies that levi is to blame for his sudden eyesight improvement – as well as the streak in his hair
  • levi doesn’t understand why he could have been responsible for either of those things.
  • ludo wants to know what it is about levi that’s causing the changes in himself.
  • ludo: “that’s why i need you, why i need you around. we are completely inseparable, whether you like it or not. my destiny is tied with yours, irrevocably — and if you keep running away from it, i don’t know what’s going to happen.”
  • levi asks if ludo is threatening him. ludo asks how he could threaten levi if anything that he does to levi also has an effect on him. levi is extremely confused by this. ludo snaps at him not to play coy. hasn’t levi felt it, too?
  • ludo rips his glove off and demonstrates that his hand was burned the night before. levi also has the same burn marks on his hand. (levi was burned after touching the radiant fallen star underneath the school). ludo grabs levi’s hand

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