trill: *32 to disguise self as monty*
envy: *appears in front of the bank with intent to kill*
monty: *waiting for him in an armchair*
envy: *falters*
monty: nero?
envy: *apprehensive noise*
envy: sir, i told you i was taking a week off.
monty: that’s fine.
monty: we’re not in the office.
envy: *looks around at everyone else*
envy: … well, if you’ll excuse me, i have some business of my own to take care of—
monty: what are you doing?
envy: *flinches in pain & looks down, concerned*
monty: you know, nero. since we’re not working right now, would you want to go to lunch?
envy: n-no sir, i think you should leave right now, i’ll—meet you for lunch later—
monty: how come?
envy: i have, um. other things to be working on right
now, it’s my own personal time—
monty: okay! well, i was just going to hang out here with some of my buddies …
envy: … i wasn’t aware that you were acquainted with these … people
monty: i know a lot of people, nero! you know that.
envy: *having a crisis*

[scene change]

envy: *shakes his head, hands flick to cast a spell*
gutter: he’s casting true seeing, you idiots!!!
monty: *raises a hand to counterspell*
envy: *looks at monty confused & suspicious*
monty: 😬
monty: now nero, what are you doing?
monty: *stands up from his chair & takes a nonthreatening step towards him*
envy: sir, you shouldn’t be here right now.
envy: you should— it’s— against your own rules to meddle in the affairs of mortals.
monty: i don’t think i’m interfering!
envy: what would you have me do here, sir.
monty: well you’re on vacation so i can’t give you any orders.
monty: but i do think that – as a friend – i would like you to stop what you’re doing currently.
envy: *casts a spell at him*
carmen: *counterspells*
envy: *seething*
envy: trill. i know that’s you.
: *shrugs & dispels disguise*

[scene change]

trill: *approaches envy like he’s a scared animal*
trill: *casts suggestion* nero … you have to calm down … we’re here to help you. if you don’t, bad things are going to happen to everyone, probably monty, too—
azazel: i’m sorry, nero can’t come to the phone right now 🙂
trill: *takes 92 psychic damage*
trill: *feels hopelessness & emptiness, everything that envy should be feeling right now*
trill: *sees briefly through envy’s eyes*

monty & honestly: *appear in their fancy armor*
honestly: *draws her sword* he is NOT yours to take from us
monty: i haven’t done this in a while! you guys should get out of here.

[we don’t leave bc we want to help]

monty: *waves his hand as a circle appears around envy & orange pillar shoots  down through the ground. ??? gets trapped in the bottom half of an hourglass*
carmen: *throws an ice knife at envy*
trill: *feels a ping of pain*
monty: *sweating* not to take over for my dear friend’s free will, but do you have those swords?

[marsh nikolay & meryl arrive]

trill: marsh! 
marsh: hi what’s going on!!!
trill: nero! we need to stab him with the swords
marsh: right now? with both of em???
monty: *laughs hysterically* why not!
marsh: what will it do???
honestly: if you DON’T do it i’ll do it MYSELF
monty: go ahead! we’ll see what happens
marsh: what happens if we walk into the circle?
monty: it’ll probably hurt!
marsh & carmen: *walk into the circle*

nero: *crouched in the middle of the circle over a plain set of black & white clothing (like what jerri would wear)*
nero: *a harness reaching from his heart linking into the white ground with a chain, he is unresponsive but breathing*
marsh: *runs over*
nero: *in a fetal position, curled around his chain*
carmen: we should stab him. we gotta do it soon. marsh it’s gonna help him *stabs him in the heart with the van guard*
marsh: *stabs him in the same spot with the van cleve*

[marsh & carmen are suddenly out of the circle. envy has calmed down, & is no longer being controlled by azazel]

monty: *claps his hands* took care of it for now, thank you so much!
monty: *walks over to envy & leans down* nero? nero, how are you feeling?
envy: *groaning*
monty: *runs his hands through his hair* my dear friend here seems to be … having some of his own problems, and it looks like azazel almost had him there. thank you so much for all of your help.
trill: is he okay? for now? can we do anything else to help?
monty: no … only if he wants to. he’ll have to make the choice on his own, but i am worried that he made that choice this time.
monty: *sighs* well i think it’s best to let him rest. it feels like our friend nero here isn’t quite himself anymore.
monty: & keep an eye out for the other sins, i’m not so sure about them either. nero’s … well, just a substitute to them.

trill: *goes over to envy & gives him a hug*
trill: i’m sorry
monty: i’m going to bring him… hm, i think to his office would be best. 

[a curious crowd starts to emerge]

honestly: *hits him* you’re so full of yourself