nero phost

AGE | BIRTHDAY  early 20’s | July 3rd (Disobedience Day)
IDENTITY  male | he/him | demisexual biromantic
BODY  5’6″ | well-fed | soft boy
white bowlcut | black roots | teeny lil brows
missing tooth | claw scar on chest

RACE  quarter-elf
CLASSES  wizard (illusion) | rogue
PROFESSION  Chastity of the 7 Virtues
ALIGNMENT  lawful good

VOICE  LilyPichu as Sejuani 
ZODIAC  Cancer

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quarter-elf,  5’11”
4 years older than Nero

Best known for her hat-making skills & unique fashion, Auka is a very traditional big sister to Nero. Generally well-liked by most people, she has a very positive but realistic outlook on life. She can hold her alcohol & will not hesitate to punch you if you mess with her little brother. She will absolutely punch him, too.

human paladin

Auka’s super-attractive, knight-in-shining-armor type husband. He’s really nice … but honestly a little boring.

bekkyl braum
half-orc, 16

Bekkyl works as an apprentice at Auka’s hat shop! he’s very interested in the construction of clothing & is getting very good at it. He totally had a crush on Auka & cultivates a mock-rivalry with Harvar because of it.

Generally a bit of an outcast with others his age, all the kids in the town sort of turned on him when he accidentally killed someone’s cat at around 12 years old (it was a really unfortunate accident, but painted him with this really negative reputation). really he’s super gentle, people just … don’t see that part of him bc he doesn’t know his own strength sometimes

so he makes hats

FAR too brash & impulsive for Nero to be comfortable with.

Elliot & Nero were known to butt heads quite a bit. Elliot found it too easy to wind Nero up, startling him when possible & bending the truth just to see how he would react. Nero was quick to insinuate he was better than Elliot in many different ways, often times targeting his intelligence or lack of social grace.

they grew a bit closer towards the end of the campaign, but nothing substantial.









dated briefly



ciera mackalo, human, 24

her and Nero were classmates in grade/high school! ciera liked to play outside and roughhouse, probably was in some kind of sport. she dresses VERY CUTE lots of frills and ribbons and pastels.

where nero liked illusions, Ciera liked conjuration and enchantment spells. it got her in a little bit of trouble growing up. she shows an extreme interest in magic, but more because of how exciting it is and what it can do, not really interested in learning the history behind it or even how it happens, she just … wants it to happen.

she eventually admitted to having a crush on Nero, which took him completely by surprise and it sort of … ended their friendship. (not that either of them announced it as an “ended friendship,” they just started avoiding each other and stopped reaching out to one another.)

(Nero was definitely the one who took it more poorly – Ciera is very casual and didn’t think something like this would affect him that badly)

eventually Ciera found Nero’s traveling party & acted as Toivo’s mentor for learning a new school of magic.

wood elf

Nero’s favorite professor, she taught mostly illusory magics; but when she realized Nero took like a bigger interest in it than her other students she offered to teach him more stuff outside of class, on her own time. they became close friends & would hang out and get lunch and talk about Nero’s future and what he wanted to do with his magic. their friendship turned into a sort of aunt/nephew relationship!

high elf wizard (conjuration), 23, 5’3″

was quite possibly the smartest person in the entire school – very very high intelligence, due to both hard training/studying and the fact that it all comes very easy to him. he knows just how to study and what ways he learns the best, he’s so good it seems natural. he always seemed to be competing for position of smartest person around, being teacher’s pet meant MUCH more to him than any of the other students. (even Nero, somehow.) he’s snooty and goes out of his way to point out when you’re wrong (he has a cartoony smarmy rich-boy tone) and probably tried making Nero his academic rival (but Nero never picked up on it so they just studied together.) he definitely uses product to make his hair perfect.

human wizard (transmutation), 25, 6’4″

she always showed interest in druid magic as well, but didn’t pursue it as far as Nero was concerned. EXTREMELY clumsy, but EXTREMELY lucky … she always seems to be narrowly missing certain death. very stressful to be friends with. a little absent-minded – wouldn’t show up for class sometimes simply because she thought it was a different day … or a different year.

Nero tried to implement a planner system to get her life more organized, but she lost that immediately. she has a terrible memory, however for some reason she can remember recipes PERFECTLY. she can remember spells so long as she thinks about the spell as if it were a meal she were cooking, otherwise she has to read the spell directly from the book. (in fact she can remember most things if she just thinks of them as a recipe.)

human wizard (necromancy), 24, 5’11”

that fucking Art Student

sees life as something that never really ends therefore he doesn’t fear death or see it as something purely negative. totally believes in reincarnation, speaks very monotone and ponders EVERYTHING. you ask him a question and he like….thinks….about his answer…..really deeply……before responding…… he also has an extensive vocabulary. can really make you rethink how you view something!

– NOT a rulebreaker
– seeks out ways to learn new things
– introverted
– great vocabulary
– realistically optimistic, though recently he’s become very nervous and paranoid

– cats & dogs
– taking walks
– reading
– card games
– learning new magic

– loud noises
– open spaces
– small spaces
– spaces
– places
– unmarked paths

– VERY good at magic
– can sway people to see his side of the story

– do not ask him to do anything illegal

  • mom
  • human
  • writes books about making your life easier (using magic in interesting ways, using certain herbs and spices medicinally, unique cookbooks, tips n tricks)
  • is showing signs of sickness but tries to cover it up 🙁
nuut (pronounced “newt)
  • dad
  • half-elf
  • banker (not top of the line but one of the fairly important people at their town’s central bank)
  • hates the government apparently


Labelle, Phost, Lexington, Nightengale, Amberlin, Dorrian and Sunnfelds

  • like the 7 families are more in name more than like actual political authority. the name generally gives people a little bump in getting better jobs because they’re so well known
  • it isn’t like an official thing, but all the families know of each other
  • of course nero’s has been slipping a lil bit after his parents aint really doing too much important shit and you’re father refusing to be master of coin, he’s a mediocre banker in the suburbs living off family money
  • but there was a lot of hope for auka, and then even more when nero showed remarkable magical abilities like his grandparents
  • grandparents basically co-held liberty lexington’s position
  • but auka has always been pretty business minded and was going to be a pretty big deal but then met her husband and slowed down for him
  • so the 7 families were very influential in helping when solendale and silistone split apart

one day Nero was snatched away while walking home for the evening. he was taken somewhere unfamiliar by an unknown group of people, and was given a command.

he was instructed to join the group in charge of escorting prince Lesley to the neighboring kingdom so he could marry their princess & bring peace to the two kingdoms. but he was instructed to not let prince lesley reach his destination.

they roughed him up (general bruising + a lost tooth) and then let him go. nero, unsure what to do but knowing he couldn’t let his sister get hurt, ran back home to gather his things and then leave on his new journey.

having assumed his only task was to prevent the prince from reaching his destination, Nero did all he could to hinder the group or break Lesley’s motivation to marry the princess.

this was apparently not good enough, as one day Nero received a message delivered by hummingbird. 

“your work thus far has been barely passable. therefore the living conditions of your loved ones will be accurately equated to your work.”

Auka’s dragonfly necklace was included with the message