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i offer free buttons if you bring me a drawing of one of my original characters!

Q: but my art isn’t good …..

Q: do you provide paper & drawing utensils?
A: nope, sorry! this has caused issues in the past.

Q: can i draw while at your table?
A: please don’t! this disrupts artist alley traffic & can be a hassle for me as well as everyone around my table! please do not draw on the floor near my table either.

Q: is there a limit to how many times i can do this?
A: if you go HAM, there’s a chance i might cut you off after a while – but i’ve never done this! i love art of my characters & probably won’t ever refuse more!!!

Q: what do i get?
A: usually at least 1 or 2 buttons per drawing! this is subject to change depending on time taken, how many characters, materials used, & how well i am doing financially on that particular weekend.

Q: will you do an art trade instead?
A: sorry, no! time management is hard at cons & i need to make sure my commissions get done. i historically have trouble committing to art trades.

Q: i’m not sure you’re offering this since you don’t have the sign displayed …
A: don’t be afraid to ask about it! i’ll almost always say yes to the offer!

Q: do you still have those paper reference sheets?
A: i stopped bringing ref sheets once my oc site became more robust!

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