Zebra Sarasa Multi 4 Color 0.5 mm Gel Ink Multi Pen

$8.25 each

Enjoy the beautiful, vibrant Sarasa gel inks in multi pen form. This Blue Green multi pen features a cute argyle pattern. It has four 0.5 mm gel inks in Black, Blue, Green, and Red as well as a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil and capped eraser. The water-based pigment gel ink is vivid in color and flows smoothly, resulting in consistent, crisp lines. It is feather-resistant and water-resistant, and has high lightfastness. To use the pencil, press the top button and the lead will extend. The clear tip has a pretty texture that resembles beautifully cut glass. The textured portion is on the inside of the tip while the outside is smooth. In addition to visual appeal, the texture helps reduce ink markings inside the tip that typically result from frequent multi pen use. This minimizes a messy look and helps keep your multi pen clean! A hallmark of Sarasa pens found on this multi pen is a strong binder clip that securely fastens the pen to pockets and notebooks. The pen also has a rubber grip for comfortable writing. Note: A little bit of force is needed to remove the ink refills.

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