✓ = paid

drill reigen (half) ✓
naomi radio ✓
tak mob & ritsu ✓
anon TAZ ep 68 Joaquin finger guns ✓
 ali  riku ✓


paypal is my preferred method of payment, but other options may be negotiated if paypal absolutely does not work.

payments are preferred to be made up front, though this may also be negotiated if we’re waiting on a paycheck or for your friend to pay you back that $20 they “borrowed” three months ago.

subject matter

while I am pretty morally okay with drawing most things (most), it’s up to you to determine whether or not I’ll be good at drawing the thing you want me to draw. I will try my darndest to draw your thing, but sometimes I’m just not the person for the job.

I have the right to decline any commission brought my way!


nsfw positions
detailed backgrounds

bust vs. full

since I’ve yet to find a “style” I really like, my art is a bit inconsistent.
if you see a certain drawing or coloring style I’ve used that you want me to encapsulate in your commission, please let me know!


————– cost + per extra character
bust $10 $5
full $15 $10

how to order

just fill out this form! (located here if form does not show up below)

I will follow-up with a clarification email, and send you an invoice. once paid, I will start on your commission!

with retail work & conventions, i can get very busy. please inform me if your commission is time-sensitive and we can work out a deadline. please do not send me messages asking if the commission is done. i will always work on commissions in the order that i received them. refer to the list above to see where you have been placed.