the new meme is Emily’s gaming/anime convention (art/trade show) studio name.
she offers a few things when given the honor of tabling at a convention:

pinback buttons

that follow current internet trends/jokes/memes/what-have-you, as well as some goodies from the past. these are what the new meme is known for!

painterly, lineless-styled prints

(offered in various sizes) featuring fanart of video games, current children’s cartoons, and the occasional anime; as well as a handful of original pieces.

free buttons

are offered if a visitor brings Emily a doodle of one of her original characters! there’s no limit to the number of times this can be done.
visit her oc site for an up-to-date display of the collection!

2017 convention schedule:

evercon | rothschild, WI (jan 6-8)
anime boston
| boston, MA (march 31-2)
tekkocon | pittsburgh, PA (april 6-9)
sakura-con | seattle, WA (april 14-16)
no brand con | wisconsin dells, WI (april 21-23)
acen | rosemont, IL (may 19-21)

animinneapolis | minneapolis, MN (may 26-28)
anime expo | los angelos, CA (july 1-4)
anime midwest | rosemont, IL (july 7-9)
otakon | washington, DC (august 11-13)
sacanime summer | sacramento, CA (september 1-3)
anime fusion | minneapolis, MN | (october 20-22)
daisho con | wisconsin dells, WI | (november 17-19) (not tabling – just for funsies!)

past table setups